Montine watch brand to relaunch in Cannes

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Written by Jessica Howells
Friday, 02 September 2011 01:00

The Montine brand of watches, established in 1971 by Bruce McGuire, is to be relaunched by Scorpio Distributors at TFWA World Exhibition.

Having sold over half a million units per year in the 1980s, which led to the advertising slogan – 'one sold every minute around the world' – the brand was recently reacquired by Scorpio who believes that now is the perfect time for Montine to be reintroduced into travel retail.

Managing Director, Stuart McGuire, comments:"The brand was successful due to its classic styling, quality and very accessible prices. These are the pillars upon which we have built the new collection and are perfect for today’s consumer in the tough economic climate."

The relaunch will be targeted at the inflight sector initially and is aimed at filling the gap in the market for classic and stylish watch brands at an entry-price level. Prices for individual watches start from just £15.00 (€17.20, $24) retail.

Bruce McGuire expressed his delight at Scorpio's decision to relaunch Montine: "We launched the brand in the 1970s, to an audience who was just getting used to international travel for the first time – I still have the first invoice mounted on my wall for sales to Danair on 11th March 1971, ironically the same day as Stuart was born!.

"Whilst 1971 is a long time ago, we were selling to a world in recession, and yet created success. Today's world is not so different, and consumers are looking for the same things now, price, quality and style. It will make be very proud to see these watches on sale on airline again! I am sure that once again, we can sell 'One every minute around the world'".


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