APTRA presses AsPac governments for DF&TR financial support at critical time

By Luke Barras-hill |


Grant Fleming, President, APTRA.

The Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association (APTRA) has launched a campaign urging more than 45 governments across Asia Pacific to support DF&TR with fiscal aid.

APTRA has reiterated its message to hundreds of policy makers that global travel retail should be prioritised via support packages, as businesses are hit hard by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The association is using its recently commissioned report, the ‘Economic Impact of Duty Free & Travel Retail in Asia Pacific’ to demonstrate DF&TR’s role as a provider of ‘essential services’ and vital engine of economic growth for economies, employment and the aviation, maritime and tourism sectors.

Hume Brophy and the Duty Free World Council are working closely with APTRA to devise a plan, aligned to a global objective, to monitor government provision and share knowledge and best practice to persuade authorities of the need for aid.


APTRA is also calling on its 100-plus members to persist in their calls for support at a country level to broadcast the message to wider stakeholders.

Grant Fleming, President of APTRA said: “APTRA is sending a clear and simple message that financial support for the entire duty free and travel retail industry is required.


APTRA is writing to governments responsible for apportioning fiscal relief to sectors including aviation, maritime, retail, F&B and tourism. Source: APTRA

“Let’s be in no doubt of the imperatives in this drive for action. Our industry dynamics are vastly different to domestic market retail because we are dependent on the return in passenger traffic.

“All governments and agencies in charge need to understand the importance of our industry for their economies and should correctly apportion and prioritise financial efforts quickly.

“APTRA’s mission is to strengthen, nurture and protect our industry. There has been no greater need for a call to action than now. As an association we believe we can voice the needs of industry via a unique stage for the entire industry and not merely seen as a group of businesses. This approach can charge the appeal.”

As reported, Asia Pacific travel retail alone generated an estimated $36.7bn in revenues in 2017, accounting for 45% of global DF&TR sales.

In the same year, the regional industry provided more than 300,000 jobs and contributed almost US$15bn to GDP.

Those wishing to access a full copy of the report, the ‘Economic Impact of Duty Free & Travel Retail in Asia Pacific’ should contact Christina Oliver, Executive Director, APTRA: [email protected].



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