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TFWA has announced that leading international airport authorities and retail operators have already signed up for the annual Gate One airport commercial revenues conference, which opens in the Singapore Suntec Centre at 09.00 on Monday

May 15.
Among those that have confirmed are Aeroports de Paris, Aer Rianta, BAA, CAAS (Changi), Chubu (Servair), CKS (Taiwan), Fraport, Hong Kong, Incheon, Kansai, Macquarie Airports, Qatar and Tokyo Narita.
Organisers TFWA, in partnership with ACI Asia Pacific and the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation are putting the finishing touches to the programme with expert speakers such as Peter Harbison of CAPA, who has charted the evolution of airports in Asia from state transport hubs to commercial enterprises, and Professor Steve Burdon, University of Technology in Sydney, on the broader picture of innovation in other industries.
Speakers from some of the most successful and innovative airports in the world will present their vision of airport development including executives from CAAS (Changi) Macquarie Airports and Narita Airport Authority.
American Express will present data on travel and spending patterns while retail operators, including DFS and ADP, will demonstrate how such data is used to inform retail development. The focus then switches to concessionaires, with analysis of growth areas such as food & beverage and advertising from EYE Corp., JCDecaux, Snack Attack and SSP.
A highlight of the conference will be exclusive findings from a major study conducted especially for Gate One in 28 key airports by P. Robert and Partners SA on the key drivers leading to consumer satisfaction with airports.
At 08.00 on Wednesday May 17 delegates will reconvene for a Gate One Breakfast Workshop on ?Innovation in Airport Retail? using Hong Kong International Airport as a case study.

The programme is shown below:

Monday 15 MAY 2006
Welcome Remarks and Overview from TFWA
The airport scene in 2006
Peter Harbison, CAPA
CAPA sets the context, noting how quickly the airport business model has been innovated from the days of state entities to the present day private businesses. Where does an airport generate its revenue, and how important is the non-aeronautical part and how is it made up?
How is the non-aeronautical side of the business structured and what are the opportunities and threats of the future. Notable here is the impact of low-cost carriers (LCCs) on the business and how it is stimulating complete re-engineering of the airline and airport business; also the impacts of new aircraft types in enabling hub-bypass.
‘Managing and profiting from innovation in the aviation industry’
Professor Steve Burdon, UTS ? University of Technology Sydney
A stimulating discussion of how innovation as a concept is changing management attitudes and driving corporate change, with comparative case studies from other industries. Organisations which do not approach the new era with an open and creative mind will find themselves left out of growth markets ? and even near-monopoly airports may suffer significant declines if they do not adapt.
‘The LCC ?attitude? ? how to reinvent a system’
Description of the approach of LCCs to the new environment, how they are looking for similar modern attitudes from airports and all other stakeholders.
Airport planning ? the challenging array of options
In the new environment, many new opportunities are opening up for governments and private airport owners. Themes include creative capital planning and funding developing airport networks. The importance of airline ownership and initiatives in multiple ownership and operation is starting to colour multiple airport strategy.
Retail is a major part of this, with increasing emphasis on non-aeronautical revenues. One approach is to develop dedicated low-cost terminals, as Changi and KLIA have decided to do (with Changi?s new ‘Budget Terminal’ which opened this month).
Other initiatives include the concept of ?Airport Cities?. These approaches provoke the need for a new look at how retail and other potential sources of revenue in an airport are developed in the long term. The audience will be invited to participate in this session, which builds the framework for the more detailed discussions this afternoon.
Lim Peck Hoon, Commercial Director, CAAS.
Toshiaki Kanzaki, Narita Airport Authority
Kerrie Mather, Ceo, Macquarie Bank
Moderated by Andrew Drysdale, Regional Vice President – Asia Pacific, IATA
Where is the consuming traveller heading? New preferences and behaviour and, myths?

Does the generic low cost attitude, which is a much wider phenomenon than merely low-cost airlines, permeate airport consumer behaviour today? Is the Asian traveller different, and if so, in what ways?
Business travellers and consumers in Asia have a reputation ? not always empirically substantiated ? that they are highly status conscious and love brands. While this may have been true in the past, is it a feature today and how can airports determine which markets it applies to – and, more importantly, what creative models exist to keep pace with the change?
Robert Tedesco, Head of Consulting, American Express
Jim Beighley, Global Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, DFS
Moderated by Doug Newhouse, Editor, The Travel Retail Business
Growth areas for non-aeronautical revenues: F&B and advertising.
As passenger profiles change and airport operators seek to explore new opportunities, developing areas of non-aeronautical revenues will present where they see most innovation coming from.
Food and beverages had quietly been growing through the 1990s, but with the advent of LCC operations and as the apparently new passenger needs emerged, the sector has seen an explosive growth, at least where LCCs operate. Simultaneously, as on-board F&B ? albeit relatively basic – evolves towards becoming a revenue stream, instead of a cost item, so the airlines themselves are taking a greater interest in providing passenger sustenance.
Likewise, the proliferation of signage in airports and the much more varied forms of advertising have enhanced airport opportunities to expand. The two advertising companies in this panel have each established significant relationships with major airports in one form or another.
Dr. Peter E. Mohn, Head of R&D and Business Development, P. Robert and Partners SA
Mike Tyquin, General Manager ? Regional, Analysis & Development SE Asia, EYE Corp.
Isabelle Schlumberger, CEO, JCDecaux Airport France
Bruce Musick, Snack Attack
Has the airport industry got what it takes to innovate and respond effectively to the new environment?
Open session, led by Professor Burdon, with a panel drawn from earlier speakers.
This session revisits the points made in the opening presentations and discusses whether airports, retailers and brands have got the impetus and motivation to adapt quickly to meet new pressures ? and what fate befalls those who fail to do so.
Additional focus will also be placed on the importance of airport marketing ? the success of such large ?airport cities? ? BAA?s Heathrow, CENTRAIR in Nagoya, DUBAI, HKIA, Vancouver ? are all leading examples successful entities that attract brands, concessionaires, airlines and customers ? what?s the secret to success.
Wrap Up and Closing Remarks


Innovation in airport retail: A summary of the main points from Monday, Peter Harbison.
HKIA panel with Nuance Watson and some of its key brand suppliers will present: HKIA mission and vision; Satisfying customers (products, service, communication); Creating opportunities, building on success stories; Driving results; Sustaining the sense of newness for passengers; In the process people at the helm make the difference.
Hans Bakker, Commercial Director, Hong Kong International Airport
Alessandra Piovesana, Managing Director, Nuance Watson
Nadine Heubel, Travel Retail Director, Hugo Boss
Jaya Singh, Director Global Sales, Kraft World Travel Retail
Marcello Bottoli, President & Ceo, Samsonite Group


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