Major changes at Changi herald new dawn

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The 'new' Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the Changi Airport Group celebrated their respective launches yesterday after both entities were formally created by the corporatisation of Changi's airport operations and a restructuring of

the CAAS. The aim is to create a leading air hub and a global city.

This follows the announced restructuring of CAAS in August 2007 by Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs, Raymond Lim. The corporatisation is now expected to allow for more focused roles and greater flexibility, thereby enabling the new CAAS and Changi Airport Group 'to better meet future challenges'. For its part, the new CAAS will focus on the development of the air hub and aviation industry in Singapore as a whole as well as the provision of air navigation services, while the Changi Airport Group will focus on managing and running Changi Airport.

In a joint statement the CAAS and the Changi Airport Group said: ‘Since Minister Lim's announcement in August 2007, CAAS has been busy preparing for the transformation. From airport operations to the corporate functions, every effort has been made to ensure a smooth transition. Operational separation between the two new entities with their assigned staff was smoothly effected three months prior to the eventual corporatisation on 1 July 2009. CAAS' partners and stakeholders were consulted and kept informed of the changes they could expect.

‘The mission of the new CAAS is to grow a safe, vibrant air hub and civil aviation system, making a key contribution to Singapore's success. Its vision is 'a leader in civil aviation; a city connecting the world'. To this end, CAAS will work in partnership with Changi Airport Group to develop Changi Airport as a global air hub, expand Singapore's links to the rest of the world, and play an active role in promoting and developing the aviation industry in Singapore.

‘On aviation safety, CAAS will strengthen its regulatory framework in line with international standards and best practices, and cultivate a safety culture in the aviation industry. With safe and efficient aircraft operations as a top priority, we will also further enhance air traffic management to increase airspace capacity, enhance safety and operational efficiency, and improve air navigation services. In addition, CAAS aims to develop Singapore as a centre of excellence for aviation knowledge and human resource development, with the Singapore Aviation Academy as a key element.’

Meanwhile, the Changi Airport Group will manage the airport operations and undertake operational functions focusing on airport operations and management and airport emergency services. The statement added: ‘Changi Airport Group will work together with airport partners as a team to think of innovative and exciting ways to bring an extraordinary Changi Experience to each and every passenger.’ The companies added that in addition to its role in airport operations, investments in foreign airports will also be under the umbrella control of the Changi Airport Group.’

The statement concluded by saying that the Government of Singapore will now be entering into negotiations with Temasek on the sale of Changi Airport Group to Temasek.As a mark of celebration for the new restructuring the Changi Airport Group is now giving away a S$5 ($3.45) voucher to all passengers departing from Singapore Changi Airport for the month of July to celebrate the formation of the two new entities. The vouchers will be distributed to passengers over the check-in counters and are redeemable at shops (all retail, food & beverage and services outlets) in both the public areas and Departure/Transit Malls of the terminals.

On top of the voucher giveaway, passengers who spend a minimum of S$77 ($53.24) by any means in a single receipt can take part in the Lucky 7 Jackpot game. Participants stand to win vouchers in denominations of S$7 to $77 ($4.84 to $53.24). In addition, kiosks featuring items from different retailers have been up set up to give passengers the flexibility to purchase various items from different shops at one kiosk.


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