Aéroports de Paris announces six-year renovation plan of Paris-Orly

By Charlotte Turner |

Aéroports de Paris is launching an “ambitious” six-year renovation programme of Paris-Orly airport in order to “better respond to passengers and airlines”.


This morning Pierre Graff, Chairman and CEO of Aéroports de Paris and Franck Mereyde, Managing Director of Paris-Orly airport presented a major modernisation project for Paris-Orly Airport, planned as part of the Horizon 2018 initiative.


Paris-Orly Airport has already been the subject of several development projects in recent years, but this project will result in the unification of the two existing terminals, Orly South and Orly West; the construction of a brand new international departure lounge and the complete redevelopment of all the terminal entrances, amounting to 100,000sq m of new reception areas for passengers.


“Our objective is to completely transform Paris-Orly Airport, in order to provide Orly passengers with facilities matching the top international standards,” says Pierre Graff, Chairman and CEO of Aéroports de Paris.



“We will strengthen the quality of our hospitality and will provide more space and a greater level of comfort for our passengers. This major project is fully compliant with the regulatory framework governing air traffic within the airport. It will not jeopardise the curfew in place nor the cap on the number of aircraft operations.”


[Left: Pierre Graff, Chairman and CEO of Aéroports de Paris]


According to parent company Aéroports de Paris, the nature of traffic at Paris-Orly Airport has changed considerably in recent years. The number of national flights has fallen and the percentage of flights outside France has risen from 14% in 2000 to 28% in 2012.


“This would suggest that passengers are spending more time in the terminals,” says AdP. “It has therefore become necessary to provide them with additional passenger concourses, so that their airport experience is as pleasant and smooth as possible.”


A single terminal to better accommodate passengers Paris-Orly Airport currently comprises two terminals and six departure lounges. By 2018, passengers will have a single terminal and three departure lounges at their disposal.



Combining Orly South and Orly West is this project’s flagship development. This building, to be commissioned by 2018, will alone provide 80,000sq m of new passenger welcome areas.


It will concentrate all functions within a single terminal: check-in, security, baggage handling, retail facilities, etc.


AdP says that passengers will be able to enjoy dedicated areas with shops, services and waiting areas, with a level of comfort and a quality of materials equivalent to the most recently constructed hall in terminal 2E of ParisCharles de Gaulle Airport. With this unique terminal in Orly, 10 remote aircraft stands will be replaced by contact stands directly connected to the departure lounges. 2


“This project is essential for both passengers and airlines operating at Paris-Orly Airport,” says Franck Mereyde, Managing Director of the airport. “We do not aim at increasing the handling capacity of the airport but rather at radically upgrading the quality of service for our passengers. At this stage, Aéroports de Paris will invest between 400 and 450 million euros.”



By 2015, the date of commissioning, 80% of the international passengers using the South Terminal will be welcomed into a new 20,000sq m international departure lounge, located to the east of the South Terminal.


In order to streamline checking procedures (security, border control), the number of checkpoints will be increased. The baggage reclaim area will benefit from the installation of a third baggage carousel.


In order to make accessibility to the two terminals more fluid, Aéroports de Paris will also completely redevelop the terminal entrances between 2013 and 2014. A drop-off area will also be created outside the West Terminal.


“According to a study conducted by the BIPE in February 2012, it is obvious that the economic activity generated in 2010 by the mere presence of Paris-Orly Airport created almost €8 billion worth of added value,” adds AdP. “It also provides more than a total of 85,000 jobs, including 27,000 direct jobs.”


Aéroports de Paris builds, develops and manages airports including Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget. In 2011, Aéroports de Paris handled more than 88 million passengers and almost 2.5 million tons of freight and mail in Paris and 40 million passengers in airports abroad.




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