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By Doug Newhouse |

Estée Lauder and WDF have formed an annual Contentainment partnership across several UK airports, with the second phase of current promotional activity set to commence in the Spring of 2011, showcasing Estée Lauder’s new travel retail exclusive fragrance – Adventurous.

The new ‘Adventurous’ programme features customised promotions and digital advertising campaigns at some of WDF’s UK airport locations, including Birmingham, London Gatwick South and London Gatwick North.

The activity, which started on April 11, runs through until May 13 and combines digital content, customer entertainment and product sampling. 

In a statement, WDF described it as ‘the largest campaign of its kind for WDF’s ‘Contentainment’ digital marketing concept, in terms of duration and dedicated floor space.’

WDF adds that the campaign’s primary objective is to support Estée Lauder’s new travel retail exclusive fragrance – Adventurous – while harnessing the ‘Royal Wedding Fever’ sweeping the nation, with the re-run of the ‘Wedding’ advertising creative for one of the brand’s best-selling fragrances, Beautiful. In addition, Estée Lauder has developed exclusive Travel Retail offers for customers.

In a statement, WDF said: “The elements that form the creative campaign have been specially designed to deliver a direct benefit to the four stakeholders of airport, brand, retailer, and customer.

“Through partnering with WDF, Estée Lauder is able to access high customer volumes, who are receptive to hearing about new products and are in a mind-set to buy when they enter the retail environment. As part of Estee Lauder’s service and commitment to excellence, customers are always offered make-up consultations and skincare advice free of charge and without obligation to purchase. 

“Along with product trial and experimentation, customer engagement activities include Estée Lauder competition give-aways and guest appearances by local DJs Julian Jones and Dave Clark from Heart FM at Birmingham Airport on 22nd April.”

On behalf of Estée Lauder, Regional Sales Director Rene Frion said: “WDF is a leading travel retailer and a partner that we are committed to working with long term to achieve ongoing commercial rewards. We look forward to this campaign’s success as part of our annual partnership with WDF and its digital media division.”

Adding her comments, Sue Gosling, Head of Digital Media at WDF concludes: “During these more challenging economic conditions, travel retailers, airports and brand partners need to work even harder to win valuable customer spend as purse strings get tightened.

“Our ‘Contentainment’ retail offer is one way to help ensure brands remain forefront of mind and that customers are tempted to trial new products, as well as invest in trusted favourites. We know the Estée Lauder campaign will help to create significant sales for their new product launch, whilst re-introducing customers to the Beautiful brand.”



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