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The EYE company, which claims to be a leading airport media specialist, has released key findings and results from its Stand Out Eye Tracking study of passenger observational behaviour at Manchester Airport, with the company

claiming this reveals exactly how much airport advertising passengers actually see.

The company says that the study was based on monitoring eye movements of departing and arriving passengers at Manchester, who wore special camera glasses that track pupil movements throughout the airport journey.

According to the company, the set of results from Manchester was 'strikingly consistent' with those from EYE's earlier Eye Tracking study in Singapore Changi Airport, suggesting that passengers have similar viewing habits regardless of region.

It reports that participants in Manchester looked directly at every second panel they passed for just under two seconds – significantly longer than the time considered necessary for an exposure to be remembered. It adds that flying passengers also looked back at the same panel a number of times, with most people viewing a panel at least twice.

Interestingly, it notes that business and leisure travellers have very similar viewing habits and arriving passengers have similar viewing habits to departing passengers. It also notes that as with the study in Singapore, panels along key corridors within the airport where there is less distraction from shops and caf?s tend to attract more attention, although panels situated in the busier areas offered longer overall viewing times.

Stephanie Gibson, Marketing Manager EYE Fly UK, said: ‘This study has raised the accountability of airport media significantly. We now have a rich set of results showing us exactly how much airport advertising passengers look directly at, how long they look at it and how many times they look back at it. We have some great testimonials from passengers too, revealing their extraordinarily detailed levels of advertising recall.’

The company said that analysis of the results is ongoing and future analysis of the data will look into specific levels of advertising recall and 'learnings' at a creative level. This is the company's second study dedicated to monitoring viewing behaviour within the airport environment.


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