Żubrówka to open ‘dedicated zone’ in Baltona Warsaw store

By Andrew Pentol |


The concept spanning several dozen square metres consist of natural materials such as wood and stone which symbolise nature.

Żubrówka vodka manufacturer CEDC is to open a dedicated zone for the brand in the new Baltona Duty Free store at Warsaw Chopin International Airport which is due to open in the second half of January 2019.

As reported in May, Baltona Duty Free, part of Flemingo International, was awarded concessions for 14 retail outlets at Warsaw Chopin Airport. TRBusiness also revealed the retailer was considering opening open temporary stores at the location two months later.

Dedicated exclusively to Żubrówka, the concept spanning several dozen square metres is designed by Polish branding agency Studio Otwarte.


Natural materials such as wood and stone symbolise nature, while copper motifs are used as a reference to metal vats used in the traditional vodka production process.

An exhibition with a living ecosystem, symbolising the origin of Żubrówka from the Białowieża Forest and its wild nature is likely to be well received by passengers.

The offer in the Żubrówka zone will include key variants, from Żubrówka Bison Grass, to clear vodkas such as Żubrówka Biała and the Żubrówka Czarna super-premium version.

It will also feature this year’s new Żubrówka Czarna products, which are two variants stored in oak and ash barrels.

Piotr Kazimierski, President of the Management Board, Baltona said: “Along with the new Baltona Duty Free store opening at Warsaw Chopin Airport, passengers will not only be able to buy the legendary Żubrówka Vodka but also learn about its history.


Baltona Duty Free, part of Flemingo International, was awarded concessions for 14 retail outlets at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

“The proposal of our long-term partner, CEDC, fits perfectly into the concept of creating a modern duty free space at the Chopin Airport. The new version of the store is an innovative design, as well as an unconventional and interesting space arrangement.

“We want to be distinguished by the sense of place and show in a modern way what departing passengers can take with them from Poland. The best Polish brands deserve to be remembered and this is exactly the purpose of this eye-catching setting.”

Please click on the below video for an extensive interview with Piotr Kazimierski, President of the Management Board, Baltona who speaks candidly about the ‘challenging co-operation’ in Warsaw.


Vassilen Tzanov, General Director, CEDC, Poland added: “With over 500 years of tradition, Żubrówka is one of the Polish icons in the world. We can be proud of its recognition and good perception.

“Of course, for such a product, an ideal place of exposure and sale are duty free zones, frequented by millions of passengers from all over the world annually. We are happy to have established cooperation with Baltona in the creation of the Baltona Duty Free store at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

“I am convinced that the Żubrówka zone designed by us will enable passengers to remember all the positive associations related to our brand, as well as the country they have just visited.”

Mirosław Kliś, Co-Owner, Studio Otwarte design company said the purpose of creating the the Żubrówka zone concept was to reflect the uniqueness of these two brands and the duty free sales channel itself.

He commented: “Both Żubrówka and Baltona have been present on the market for decades, which means a considerable amount of nostalgia, apart from broad knowledge among consumers, hence the reference to the traditional Żubrówka production process and the style itself referring to the golden times of travelling.”

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