ACI appoints NACO and To70 to develop airport ESG reporting metric

By Kristiane Sherry |

ACI has named its two partners to develop an airport ESG reporting metric.

ACI has named its two partners to develop an airport ESG reporting metric.

Airports Council International (ACI) World has appointed NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants) and To70 to lead the creation of a global standardised framework for improved airport ESG reporting.

The metric will build on the ACI World ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) Management Best Practice, and supports the ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

Airports face the challenge of balancing investments in future projects to meet air travel demand with environmental and social responsibilities, ACI said.

A core objective is to give airports a robust framework, taking into account different legal and regulatory requirements by country.

The second phase of the project will see NACO and To70 develop ESG frameworks for Hamad International Airport and Kigali International Airport.

These documents will act as a pilot and allow for the ESG Global Framework to be refined before it is released more widely.

Airport ESG reporting a ‘useful tool’

ACI's Luis Felipe de Oliveira is 'happy' to have appointed industry experts To70 and NACO.

ACI’s Luis Felipe de Oliveira is ‘happy’ to have appointed industry experts To70 and NACO.

“This project offers airports a useful tool as they consider ESG reporting,” said Luis Felipe de Oliveira, ACI World Director General.

“We are happy to have trusted industry experts working on the consolidation and synthesis of reporting mechanisms used across regions who will, with the support of our members and key actors in the finance community, develop a comprehensive, enduring framework for the sector.”

Esther Kromhout, Director at NACO, added: “ESG has rightly become a key agenda item for airports and institutions around the world.

“We’re proud to have been appointed to lead the development of this framework, which will give all airports the guidance they need to implement, review, and monitor ESG meaningfully within their operations.”

Ruud Ummels, Director at To70, commented: “Airport decarbonisation must be tackled in synergy with leading ESG frameworks.

“By building bridges between carbon reduction roadmaps and an airport specific standard for ESG reporting, we will assure airports can obtain the green investments needed to reach net-zero carbon by 2050 or before.”

Earlier this year ACI World launched its Sustainability Expansion Plan, a strategy for its global airport membership that aligns with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


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