Associations welcome LAGs transition

By Doug Newhouse |

ETRC and IAADFS released a joint statement today welcoming the successful implementation of the new LAGs regime since January 31.


Enhanced screening technology has been operating at transfer security points within airports in the European Union, US and Canada to screen liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) over 100ml sold in duty free shops with both ETRC and IAADFS saying today that they have welcomed the smooth transition to date.


This has involved liquids – mostly alcohol, perfumes, cosmetics and other items – which have been contained and packed within sealed ICAO Approved STEBs (Security Tamper-Evident Bag) to enable passengers transferring at these airports to continue their journeys carrying these products.


Both ETRC and IAADFS said today that they are now encouraging retailers to avail of this change for transfer passengers, informing them of the greater opportunity to carry liquid and gel purchases, as long as they are purchased are at all times in fully sealed ICAO approved STEBs.


The successful transition to date follows detailed cooperation, preparation, trials and development of all of these changes which has led to easing of these LAGS restrictions since they were first introduced in response to direct terrorist threats in 2006.



Frank O’Connell, Vice President and Strategic Advisor at the ETRC.




Both associations say tests sponsored by ETRC and others have now taken place involving over 25,000 individual scans using ‘a number of different screening technologies’ across some 2000 alcohol and beauty products in anticipation of the recent changes.


Impressively, this cross-industry effort has involved security equipment manufacturers, airlines and airports, as well the European Commission, the American TSA and other international governments. This has also taken place with the aim of minimising disruption to passengers and retailers from changes in LAGs testing procedures.


Much of this is thanks to detailed record taking and information updating from the new procedures, as well as staff customer information training developed by both ETRC and IAADFS in advance of the January 31 deadline.



STEBs or Security Tamper-Evident Bags.



This has ensured that travel retailers globally were ready for their part to make the changes necessary and this has contributed significantly to the successful implementation to date.


Commenting on the new opportunities, Frank O’Connell, Vice President and Strategic Advisor at the ETRC said: “The success of the first stage of these new rules is to be welcomed, and the ETRC and IAADFS are now encouraging retailers to further inform passengers of these rule changes, which we expect will improve sales for retailers, whilst improving the passenger experience by allowing them to purchase a greater number of duty-free products”.


Meanwhile, ETRC and IAADFS both say they will continue to work with the authorities with a view to achieving the full lifting of restrictions to help retailers and passengers sell and purchase duty free goods with ever more ease.


[TOP IMAGE: Hopefully, some of these scenes from the recent past are now history].


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