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By Doug Newhouse |

L’Oréal Produits de Luxe Travel Retail Worldwide has announced the exclusive European travel retail launch of BIOTHERM TRAVEL RECHARGE next month, which it describes as the first global skincare solution designed exclusively for travellers, which will also be available to The Americas between July and August and to Asia in September.

BIOTHERM TRAVEL RECHARGE is said to assist with anti-dehydration, anti-fatigue and intense recovery for air travellers in a pocket-size pack designed to pass through security. The company says the product has been created in response to research which shows that 90% of frequent flyers say that their skin looks tired and feels taut following a long-distance flight.

L’Oréal says that the new multi-tasking treatment can be used to offset high-impact conditions on the skin endured before, during and after travel, with the product already tested successfully for more than 3,000 hours of flight time. 

The new product was also subjected to self-evaluation by 155 crew members of an international airline company in the summer of 2010, comprising 74 men and 81 women.

In addition, Biotherm recreated the typical conditions of a long-haul flight in a laboratory setting, demonstrating Travel Recharge’s hydration-boosting properties (+35%) during an 8-hour flight. 

The new product is specifically designed for travel, with super-lightweight packaging, an aerodynamic shape and a rapid-absorption texture and is described as ‘a potent cocktail of five key ingredients’, including an extract of the thermal-resisting Rhodiola Rosea, delivered in a paraben-free formula.

Biotherm’s Laboratories say they have identified two major types of stress confronted by passengers before, during and after a journey, and examined the negative consequences these pose for the skin. The company says exogenous stresses (external/environmental) include shifts in climate, temperature and the levels of humidity, plus air conditioning in the aircraft cabin.

It adds that endogenous stresses include turbulent times involving lack of sleep or disturbed sleep, psychological anxieties and jet lag.

Biotherm adds that scientific research has also demonstrated that when subjected to psychological stress, the skin’s natural protective barrier and its recovery rate are also impacted.

Interestingly, the company’s research also shows that the average levels of humidity in an aircraft cabin are between 5% and 8%, compared with between 30% and 70% in a temperate outdoor climate. Biotherm adds that a low level of humidity alters the moisture content in the stratum corneum and can give the surface a rough feeling. The skin becomes dry, tight and uncomfortable. 

The company says that its new Travel Recharge fights all of these symptoms and the company has even created a Travel Coach iPhone application to help users maximise the product’s benefits.

This will be available on the Applications Store next month and will provide top tips for stress-free travel. Travellers entering the departure lounge or arriving at their destination can receive a personalized programme consisting of messages throughout the duration of their flight and thereafter on hydration levels, relaxing and re-boosting massage techniques. 

Biotherm says that these are the results from the self evaluation tests by the aforementioned airline staff, comprising pilots, stewards and air hostesses:

Product moisturizes my skin during the entire trip = 100%;
Product protects the skin from the pressurized cabin atmosphere = 95%;
Product helps the skin more effectively recuperate after a flight = 89%
Product leaves the skin supple, eliminates sensations of tightness = 95%;
Product soothes the skin, restores a sensation of well-being = 96%;
Product provides continuous moisture replenishment for hours = 91%;
Product helps diminish signs of fatigue = 74%;
Product increases the skin’s resilience = 78%.

Product leaves the skin velvety soft = 97%;
Product soothes the skin, restores a sensation of well-being = 96%;
Product leaves the skin feeling fresh, upon application = 86%;
Product helps the skin more effectively recuperate after a flight = 80%;
Product adds a fresh glow to the complexion = 73%;
Product leaves the face looking rested and energized = 78%;
Product adds a healthy and radiant glow to the face = 73%;
Product increases the skin’s resilience = 75%;
Product restores a sensation of comfort = 96%.

In addition, Biotherm reports that it also replicated as far as possible the average conditions of an 8-hour flight using the Jules Verne climatic conditions simulator. It says the representative conditions of a typical flight include air pressure of 1013 hpa, a temperature of 20°C and humidity levels of 10%.

It says the results after a long-haul simulated flight showed that four hours after application, test subject’s hydration levels were boosted by 34% and eight hours later, they were improved by 35%. There was also a ‘dramatic drop of fatigue signs, dryness, redness and dull complexion’.



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