Bird flu spreads in Europe

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The spread of avian flu to the south has continued with new cases discovered this week in wild swans in Italy and Greece following the announcement of an earlier H5N1 outbreak amongst domestic birds in

Experts say that the outbreaks are following the migratory paths of various birds and more countries are expected to be affected.As of today, 90 people have died from bird flu with the first human deaths from H5N1 outside of Asia recorded last month in Turkey.
But the World Health Organization (WHO) has gone to some lengths to try and explain that these and other deaths were amongst people who had been in close contact with infected birds and H5N1 has not yet passed from human to human.
At the same time it has made it quite clear that with each new human case, the chances increase of a mutation that might create a more lethal strain that may transmit more easily from human to human. This is the real concern.

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