Cabeau in health & wellness pivot, prioritises sustainability in 2021

By Charlotte Turner |

US travel accessories company Cabeau said it is committed than ever to reducing its carbon footprint as it prepares to exhibit at the returning TFWA World Exhibition and Conference in Cannes this month (Yellow Village A21).


Cabeau, which will debut its new doctor-endorsed Health and Wellness brand repositioning to the DF&TR market, reveals that logistical issues in securing containers and combatting rising shipping costs were key challenges during the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).


David Sternlight, CEO, Cabeau said: “We implemented a simple solution to compress our iconic memory foam neck pillows.


“This reduced master shipping carton size by over 40%, required less corrugate and significantly cut fuel consumption throughout the distribution chain to transport our products around the world.”



On the importance of sustainability for the company and across DF&TR in general Sternlight added: “We are all caretakers of this beautiful planet. Cabeau believes sustainability is the responsibility of every individual.

Cabeau said it has high expectations for its Incredibelt product.

Cabeau said it has high expectations for its Incredibelt product.

“Corporations can model behaviours and sensible product design that promote positive movement in that direction. We intend to continue emphasising this key initiative in our ongoing strategic plans.


“The pandemic only strengthened growth in the health and wellness sector and our new product launches will build on this segment.”


Cabeau said it has high expectations for its Incredibelt product, coining it a ‘multiple patent-pending game-changer’ with a dynamic lumbar support system ‘that moves with you’.


Cabeau's Air Evolution pillow launched in 2020.

Cabeau’s Air Evolution pillow.


According to Cabeau, back pain is the number one complaint for air travellers (74%). “Specifically, the top complaint about airline seats is lack of lumbar support,” said Sternlight.


“Cabeau wholeheartedly believes we’ve developed the best solution on the market, because it provides firm, positive resistance and allows customisation to the individual.


“Unlike competitive offers that are bulky, compress over time and provide little support, Incredibelt reduces to the size of a soda can – perfect for travel portability. It can be placed anywhere on one’s back for maximum relief and adjusts to individual preference by inflating/deflating while being worn.”


Looking ahead to the TFWA exhibition Cabeau acknowledges there are many customers who remain wary of venturing far from the controlled environment of their homeland but is thrilled to be participating.



With the reduced exhibition size and lower attendance, Cabeau plans to capitalise on its ability to provide more personalised interaction with current and potential clients. “Nothing compares to face-to-face (or perhaps mask-to-mask) communication,” added Sternlight.


David Sternlight, CEO, Cabeau said he is greatly looking forward to returning to Cannes this year.

David Sternlight, CEO, Cabeau said he is greatly looking forward to welcoming its partners to its stand in Cannes.

“With exciting new product introductions, revised packaging and merchandising solutions to recapture consumer enthusiasm for wanderlust, Cabeau is ideally suited to help our travel retail partners come back stronger from the pandemic’s economic devastation.”


Outlining the company’s short-term and long-term DF&TR strategy Sternlight said: “We are witnessing a fairly rapid return of consumer leisure travel. The US market will be the first to return to pre-pandemic levels which is likely a function of American culture and independence.


“As travel restrictions fall and other measures such as vaccination passports are adopted, the resiliency of travel will bring business back much as it did post 9/11.


“Cabeau will be there to welcome our great partners as the world opens. By understanding the innate challenges of our global travel retailers, we have developed proven initiatives that increase sales and improve the bottom line for our recovering partners.


“We want to share these success stories, so everyone benefits from the significant uptick early adopters have experienced.”


He concluded: “Cabeau continues to be the innovative leader in our channel. We expect our new positioning to drive the brand and our partners to even greater heights.”


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