Cannes wheelchair rugby event raises €16,000, surpassing expectations

By Kristiane Sherry |

Stade Toulousain Rugby Handisport Cannes wheelchair rugby, Cyprus Duty Free

The Cannes wheelchair rugby event is raising funds for Stade Toulousain Rugby Handisport

The Cannes wheelchair rugby event and visually impaired football tournament planned to take place ahead of TFWA World Exhibition have raised significantly more funds than expected.

Support for the sports activity has passed €16,000 in donations, meaning that participation costs have dropped to just €20 per person.

Organiser m1nd-set is raising both awareness of disability sport and funds for the Stade Toulousain Rugby Handisport (STRH) disability inclusion charity. 

Set to take place on the morning of Sunday 1 October ahead of the TFWA World Exhibition, the event will see participants try wheelchair rugby and visually impaired football. 

The support from both sponsors and participants so far will cover the cost of bringing the wheelchair rugby players to Cannes. 

In addition, a donation from Cyprus Duty Free has covered the cost of a new specially adapted rugby wheelchair. 

The event has also received financial backing from Puressentiel, who is providing a welcome breakfast at 08:30 as well as lunch after the event. 

Donations from TFWA and other anonymous donors have meant over €16,000 has been raised, with further pledges to be counted. 

The event itself takes place at the Gymnase Capron near the Hotel Martinez, on Sunday 1 October from 08.30-13.00. It will see the STRH team teach participants how to play both wheelchair rugby and virtually impaired football. Later, teams will face each other in a tournament. 

Cash prizes from m1nd-set and vouchers from Lagardère Travel Retail, redeemable at its boutiques at Nice Airport, are up for grabs. 

TRBusiness is a media partner at the event. 

Cannes wheelchair rugby event: recognising STRH’s ‘amazing work’

“Initially, we had intended for the costs of the event to be covered by participating individuals and teams, with the hope that additional donations would provide further funds for this wonderful cause,” said Peter Mohn, CEO and Owner at m1nd-set. 

“The financial support that has come in from a number of companies means that we are now able to offer this  activity for a very low amount per person of only €20, which includes the breakfast and lunch. 

“We could have made it free of charge but we preferred participants make some contribution, albeit very minor, to the Stade Toulousain Wheelchair Rugby charity, in recognition for the amazing work they do.”

Stade Toulousain Rugby Handisport

The morning activities will raise both funds for and awareness of disability sport. 

Pablo Neuman, who founded the STRH wheelchair rugby charity after becoming quadriplegic in a skiing accident in 2001, is the club’s President. “Practising disabled sports and meeting disabled athletes is an excellent way to change people’s views on disability  because we approach it in a fun, light, friendly way, and above all, by talking about the special abilities of disabled people,” he said. 

“People who take part in the disabled sports team-buildings and tournaments understand better how people with disabilities can adapt to overcome daily obstacles. It also enables them to become more open to greater diversity and inclusivity for people with disabilities.” 

Neuman spoke on a DEI panel at the recent TR Sustainability Week, sharing how disability sport can bring about profound personal change

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