Chopard makes great progress on its journey to sustainable luxury perfume

By Charlotte Turner |


Chopard Parfums CEO, Patrizio Stella.

In June of this year, Chopard Parfums launched a new collection of four masculine luxury fragrances in select travel retail locations, showcasing Oud Assafi; a sustainably sourced and ‘flawlessly blended’ oud with a ‘superb array of the finest natural ingredients’, says Chopard.


The four fragrances, created by the Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, are said to take ‘Oud Assafi on an olfactive journey across India, China, the Middle East and South America.


“Echoing Chopard’s high-jewellery creations, this unique collection celebrates the majestic beauty of nature and the endless emotions it awakens in the hearts of human beings,” said Caroline Scheufele, Artistic Director and Co-President of Chopard at the time the fragrances launched.


“Carefully composed from the finest and most precious natural ingredients, each fragrance showcases, for the very first time, an exceptional treasure from ethical and sustainable sourcing: pure Oud Assafi, the world’s most precious oud.



Four perfumes – Agar Royal; Aigle Impérial; Nuit des Rois and Or de Calambac – whose scents and names reveal the ‘mysteries and fascination of oud through time and the world’, says Chopard.


“I believe these exceptional creations will bring unique emotions and will make the people who wear them feel very special.”


Following the Gardens of the Tropics and Gardens of Paradise fragrance collections, Chopard Parfums conducted a global roll out of the Garden of the Kings collection in September.


TRBusiness spoke with Chopard Parfums CEO, Patrizio Stella last month, to talk about the company’s strategy in travel retail and it’s focus on sustainability.


“What we’ve been doing over the last three years is totally repositioning the brand, it’s like a full new brand launch. The goal has been to use the first 12 months to set up full distribution on domestic markets, and then immediately after to move into travel retail, which is what we are doing right now.”


Chopard Parfums is already well represented in the Middle East and is in steadily increasing its presence in Asia Pacific. But Stella tells TRBusiness that the company would like to consolidate its business in this part of the world.



“We now have decent exposure in the Middle East and Asia Pacific…we are extending our presence at hub airports in Korea and in China, such as Shanghai and Beijing, where we are creating good partnerships, and then also Hong Kong and Singapore.


“So we are targeting key locations in Asia Pacific and that’s the starting point for us. It did only start quite recently.”



“We are the first brand to use the Oud Assaffi in the luxury collection,” says Chopard Parfums CEO, Patrizio Stella.

While Chopard has previously been concentrating on introducing the brand’s new identity for its core range, it is now introducing its Happy Chopard range – one that targets a younger consumer – to additional regions.


What is consistent across Chopard Parfums’ portfolio is a strong belief in sustainability.


“It is a big point for us…The brand began this approach first with its jewellery and watches about six years ago. So in 2013 Caroline Scheufele, the owner of Chopard announced what she called ‘the journey to sustainable luxury’; a full programme involving the identification of ethical materials from certified sources. This reached a climax in July last year when Chopard announced its ‘100% ethical’ goal within jewellery and watches.


“We obviously wanted to translate this into the fragrance business, which brought about the what we call the ‘journey to sustainable luxury perfume’.



“It has two main points I would say; the first one is about quality of the ingredients that we use and the second one is more on the sustainability approach.”


Stella told TRBusiness that Chopard Parfums has coined the phrase ‘lands, hands, and communities’, to help define the various aspects of the sustainability programme.


“So certainly there’s a focus on land [and the importance of sustainably sourced ingredients], but there’s also a focus on hands, because we want to ensure a good quality of life for those that work for us.”


Originating in the Sylhet region in Bangladesh, Chopard tells TRBusiness that oud was born 3,500 years ago in the foothills of the Himalayas.

“We identified probably the best quality of oud in the world, which is the Oud Assaffi [a patent from Swiss fragrance house, Firmenich].


“We are the first brand to use the Oud Assaffi in the luxury collection.”



Originating in the Sylhet region in Bangladesh, Chopard tells TRBusiness that oud was born 3,500 years ago in the foothills of the Himalayas, where the waters of India ‘feed a luxuriant natural realm of tropical forests, rice paddies and green tea plantations’.


“In this very region, oud also represents an inheritance and tradition that, for more than four centuries, has stirred the hearts and hands of family producer Jalali Agarwood, an icon of excellence in the Naturals Together program of Swiss fragrance house Firmenich, precious partner of Chopard’s commitment to sustainable luxury perfumery,” adds Chopard.


“We visited this village to see exactly what happens in the production of the oud, and were able to fully appreciate ability of theses local artisans, to craft the oud ingredients that then became our luxury ingredients,” said Stella.



Stella told TRBusiness that Chopard Parfums has coined the phrase ‘lands, hands, and communities’, to help define the various aspects of the sustainability programme.

However, although the company has made great strides in making its products more sustainable, it also admits that it is still on a journey.


“Whilst we are on this journey we make improvements…we started first with natural ingredients, now we’re moving to the packaging. We have the highest standard of glass which is more recyclable than other elements.


“We also insist on lean designs, very simple you know, to make sure that you reduce wastage in production. We are now moving to the outer packaging, which is already FSC certified and there are also new things that we are doing.


“We believe today that we are quite advanced compared to some of our competitors, but at the same time we’re not perfect yet.”



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