Diesel ‘full steam’ in sustainability and CSR efforts with new strategy launch

By Luke Barras-hill |


Diesel intends to define ‘measurable targets for the future’ following the launch of its sustainability strategy.

Italian clothing manufacturer Diesel is taking steps to safeguard current and future generations in today’s world by launching a new sustainability strategy.

Renzo Rosso, President of OTB and Founder of Diesel unveiled the ‘For Responsible Living’ strategy at a media breakfast yesterday (13 January) in Milan.

It is engineered around four key pillars: Be The Alternative, Promote Integrity, Stand For The Planet and Celebrate Individuality.

These contain pledges to, among other things, creating alternative, responsible products and packaging; climate action and environmental stewardship; developing sustainability and diversity within the company; and promoting high social and environmental standards across the supply chain.


Diesel says it is atthe beginning of a significant journey’ that will play out in the coming months.

Rosso said: “I grew up and actually still live in the countryside surrounded by nature. It is where I truly feel at home and it is what I deeply love.

“We face a new vital challenge, the biggest one yet – as we become more and more aware of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of the fashion industry at large, and Diesel is ready to face it full steam.”


Renzo Rosso, President of OTB and Founder of Diesel.

Diesel worked with sustainability and communications consultancy Eco-Age to bring the strategy to life and the firm will continue to support Diesel throughout the implementation phase.


Via the partnership, Diesel will seek to partner with local organisations across its territories in a nod to advancing the positive impacts it has on communities.

Livia Firth, Co-founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age said: “I salute Renzo Rosso for publicly taking this bold step and starting a difficult journey.

“It takes courage and commitment and I know Renzo has plenty of both. Eco-Age has accompanied Diesel for the last few months to set the framework of For Responsible Living and the Diesel team is a joy to work with.”


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