EXCLUSIVE: Travel Blue Managing Director Daniel Levin on ‘Our Blue Way’

By Luke Barras-hill |

In an exclusive video interview, Travel Blue Group Managing Director Daniel Levin discusses the company’s sustainability philosophy and shares detail on its latest mission to push the growth boundaries within a busy and competitive global travel accessories market.

As reported, Travel Blue unveiled its ‘Our Blue Way’ initiative earlier this month as part of a bold move to become the most sustainable travel accessories company in the world.

More than 50% of the firm’s products sold in 2023 will be made from recycled or recyclable material, with a plan to up that percentage as technology develops.

“This is a huge achievement and I’m really proud of the whole group for pushing it, embracing it and really making it possible. Travel Blue has always been at the forefront of the travel accessories market using recycled materials – in packaging mostly,” he tells TRBusiness.

“Thankfully in the last year, technology has improved a lot and this process allowed us to convert our products into more sustainable materials.”

‘Jumping into the cold water to support a movement’

“Where we go in the future, it really depends on technology. Some items will be converted into recycled or recyclable materials sooner than others. My target personally is within two years to meet a target of 80% of the entire range, again dependent on technology. This is another step forward.”

Travel Blue’s mission is nothing new; the company has proudly trodden a sustainability path for over two-and-a-half decades, beginning with the use of recyclable cardboard packaging when other firms were relying on plastic, and utlising soy-based ink.

That mission entails research, education and a steadfast commitment to change, Levin emphasised to TRBusiness.

“In the last year or so, there has been in my opinion a lot of greenwashing; talking about sustainability and trying to improve the environmental situation as a trend. When we put our name on something, we have to be sure that what we say and do, it is true.

“Profit is crucial, but at a certain point you have to look beyond profit; how can we contribute our part to this journey? It’s not putting profit over planet; we don’t have another planet.”

In a wide ranging interview, Levin also discussed company innovation and the costs of ‘going green’ after Travel Blue announced it would not seek to increase prices to its customers and clients despite the potentially higher cost implications around the use of sustainable materials.

“We aim to keep these prices at least for the next 12 months unless there are huge currency exchange movements,” he said. “We do this to make it the normal. Sometimes you have to jump into the cold water to support a movement.”


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