Goodflow to launch ‘universally applicable’ PhoneSoap brand in DF&TR

By Andrew Pentol |

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PhoneSoap sanitising products use UV-C light to kill 99.99% of bacteria on all product surfaces.

Cyprus-based brand agency Goodflow is looking to bring a fresh perspective to DF&TR with the launch of the PhoneSoap brand.

Created to bring ‘proper santising’ to the 21st century, PhoneSoap is the first and only patented 360-degree cellphone charger which cleans and sanitises phones.

According to Goodflow, which comprises three founders, Nikolai Tepper, Commercial Operations Director, Daisy Petevis, Business Development Director and Maxim Tepper, Business Operations Director, PhoneSoap helps passengers stay healthy on their travels. This is achieved through ultra-violet light sanitisation.

All PhoneSoap sanitising products use UV-C light to kill 99.99% of bacteria on all product surfaces. The patented and clinically proven technology eliminates the need for sanitising wipes, which Goodflow says are not always effective and can cause long-term damage to electronics, especially touchscreens.

Founded by Wes LaPorte and Dan Barnes in 2009, PhoneSoap boasts an extensive product range, including PhoneSoap Go, which Goodflow is confident will thrive in the channel.


Maxim Tepper, Business Operations Director, Goodflow told TRBusiness: “There is no liquid or heat involved. It is basically a box with a small lamp at the top and a small UV-C lamp at the bottom. The light is exposed to the phone and kills bacteria. There is a lifetime warranty and the bulbs are replaceable.”

[Watch the below video to find out more information about PhoneSoap]

Petevis added: “PhoneSoap Go comes with a travelling case, which users can charge their phone in while sleeping. The acoustic audio amplifier ensures they can still hear alarms and notifications while their phone is charging.”

Offering an insight into the agency’s DF&TR strategy for PhoneSoap Go, Petevis remarked: “It is a relevant product for when people start travelling again, which is why we have reached out to various operators. We are in discussions with some of them, but nothing has been finalised.”

Tepper, who describes PhoneSoap Go as a universally applicable product, is certain it will thrive in GTR.

“Our first focus will be Europe because it is close to home, but Cyprus is also on the list. We want to work with retailers which have multiple locations.”

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PhoneSoap Go comes with a travelling case, which users can charge their phone in. Source: Goodflow

The introduction of PhoneSoap Go, which retails at €90 (excluding tax) will become a key part of the traveller journey, emphasises Petevis. “PhoneSoap is just like an iPad. You don’t realise how much you need it until it is in your life or it has been discovered let’s say.”

Having worked across several DF&TR channels during spells at Lacoste, Paul & Shark and Bally, Petevis is hoping to secure listings for PhoneSoap Go across all channels. “During my eight-year travel retail experience I have been lucky enough to be involved with the cruise, inflight and airport sectors. We are hoping to secure listings across the board.”

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While PhoneSoap is the immediate priority, Goodflow is also hoping to launch brands such as Anassa Organics, Article22, Kuida Skincare and Worldwide Buddies in DF&TR. Tepper explained: “Our brands are unique and we are confident they will be listed. We just want to wait for a better time to introduce them directly to operators.”

Moving forward, Goodflow will create a detailed strategy for each brand. “If a brand is strong in Australia, Canada or somewhere in Asia, for example, that is where we will go first. We will also consider other criteria. One thing we will look at is where brands are strongest domestically. Another is where we think the demographic profile fits the brand. Finally, we will think about which operators will be most interested in the products.”

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