Inflight retail ‘still profitable’ insists John Baumgartner

By Charlotte Turner |

John-Baumgartner-Heinemann-vid-interview-leadJohn Baumgartner, Director of Sales for Inflight & Catering, Gebr Heinemann insists that inflight retail programmes, when executed correctly, can still provide an important source of income for almost all airlines.


Addressing the decision by numerous carriers to cease their inflight retail programmes, (LATAM Airlines being one), Baumgartner offered his opinion on the viability of the business, in an exclusive video interview with TRBusiness filmed in Cannes at the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference.


“I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again; when you do it right, at least for most airlines, [inflight retail] will be a good profitable business. It can provide a profitable income for almost all airlines.”


Of course there is a caveat, which he explains. “But some airlines don’t do it right or their partners don’t do it right and then they question the reason for having the boutique onboard.”


Baumgartner insists there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, but with the right guidance, improvement in efficiencies, a compelling assortment and effective method of communicating with the end-consumer, he says that he totally believes ‘it can be a great income source for airlines for years to come’.


Watch the video to discover how Baumgartner feels about the metrics we use to measure sales inflight; why increasing sales is not the only goal and his advice to those suppliers trying to break into the sales channel.



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