J. Cortès secures listings for Oliva and Nub products featuring new QR-code

By Andrew Pentol |

The QR-code will soon be on boxes of Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto & Figurado products in duty free and travel retail.

Belgian family-owned business J. Cortès has listed its Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto & Figurado and Nub Travel Retail Exclusive packs, featuring the company’s new QR-code with Dufry Group and Lagardère Travel Retail.

The products will be available in stores operated by both retailers at the end of the year or beginning of next.

As reported, J. Cortès, which will be exhibiting at the upcoming TRMarketplace online forum, unveiled its new QR-code concept during an online event attended by trade media and company representatives last week.

Speaking to TRBusiness after the event, Thomas Gryson, J. Cortès and Oliva Cigars, Export Manager and Travel Retail Coordinator, said: “When passengers take the Nub Travel Retail Exclusive box and want to know more about the cigars, they can scan the QR-code and obtain all the information.

“With this product, I do not think they will see who the Rolero [the person who rolled the cigar] is, but they will be able to view a video and obtain information about the tobacco used.”


He added: “With the Oliva Melanio range, consumers will be able to see the Rolero and Bonchero [who handles the first step before the cigar is rolled] and learn more information about the production process.”

The Belgian cigar company launched its new QR-code concept at an online event last week.

Elaborating on the planned DF&TR launch of the Oliva and Nub products featuring the new QR-code, Gryson remarked: “Production has already started and the cigars are ready to be shipped.

“Clients are not ordering very often due to the situation at the airports [due to Covid-19], but we already have some small orders. By the end of the year, I believe the volumes will arrive and more clients will order.”

Providing travellers with more product information was the main reason for launching the QR-code concept. Gryson explained: “Travellers are checking prices on their phones and generally seeking more information.

“When they find the QR-code, many people who are curious will try and see what is behind it.”

Providing customers with more product information was the main reason for launching the new QR-code.

Regarding the main features behind the QR-code, he commented: “Two important elements are the Rolero and Bonchero. When passengers scan the code, they will see who hand-rolled that cigar at our factory in Nicaragua. They will also see the face and be able to learn a bit of information about that person.

“The second thing they will see is a video about how the cigar was rolled. Thirdly, they will have access to all the information about the tobacco used and last but not least, they will be able to learn more about the whole production process.”


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