Magnify Brands kicks-off DF&TR portfolio expansion with Xula launch

By Andrew Pentol |

The ergonomic design of the Xula masks allows for an ideal fit for all types of facial features, according to Magnify Brands.

Magnify Brands has commenced the expansion of its DF&TR portfolio with the launch of Xula next-generation re-useable masks.

The unveiling of Xula is the first in a series of brands the company will release as it strives to ensure it has a robust brand/product offering in the channel.

Other launches in the pipeline include a men’s beauty brand which has experienced ‘explosive growth’ within Asia Pacific domestic retail; the next generation in hairbrushes; a range of hair vitamins/heath which are established in domestic markets; a sunglass collection from a globally recognised brand; and a sustainable electronics range.

In terms of Xula, Magnify Brands says the ergonomic design allows for an ideal fit for all types of facial features.

The company also reveals that the transparent fabric has been designed to filter particles (such as microorganisms/viruses) and not gasses (such as oxygen), offering high breathability while remaining extremely effective.


Providing 93.4% bacterial, 95% particle and 96% aerosol filtration protection to the wearer, these masks boast ‘best-in-class’ antibacterial, virus & microorganism protection as a result, according to Magnify.

Boasting ‘best-in-class’ antibacterial, virus & microorganism protection, the masks retail in duty free at €14.40/$17.58

Their anti-fog fabric means the glasses will not steam up. They are also environmentally friends as they are washable.

Designed, produced, and independently tested in Spain, Xula complies with European standards relating to the manufacturing of facemasks.

The Xula masks also feature HeiQ Viroblock, an intelligent Swiss textile technology that is added to the fabric during the manufacturing process. HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 is among the first textile technologies to be proven 99.99% effective against Sars-CoV-2 by an independent institution. Sars-CoV-2 is an enveloped virus from the coronavirus family that causes Covid-19.

[Click the below video for more information on HeiQ antiviral textile technology]

Xula masks comply with current European regulations (UNE0065 & European Law CWA17553) which govern the manufacturing of face masks (non-PPE)

A Magnify statement said: “Not only is Xula ideal for the global traveller who will need to wear a suitable mask for long periods of time, they are perfect for business who have customer facing staff.

“This is because Xula aids clearer communication, especially to those who have a learning disability, are deaf or hard of hearing, have mental health issues, autism or need to be able to see the person’s face due to language barriers.

“Since launching Xula, we have experienced a huge demand from consumers and business to business clients for a high-quality, safe and practical transparent mask.”

The Xula masks retail at €14.40/$17.58 in duty free, a 15% saving from the domestic market. Business to business pricing is available on request.


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