Molton Brown to launch its largest EDP range in 2019

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Molton-Brown-new-EDP-range-2018-leadOn the back of a very positive year for London beauty brand, Molton Brown, the company has now revealed that it will launch the largest range of fragrances in its history in 2019, in what MB says will be its ‘year of fragrance’.


At a press conference held in Cannes during the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference, Molton Brown insisted its year-to-date total sales were up 8% compared with the same period last year and that travel retail was ‘once again’ outperforming other channels with a +25% YTD increase.


Victoire Versluys, Brand Manager for Molton Brown said this was down to ‘a lot of new opportunities’.


She told journalists at the press conference in Cannes that from a strong UK foundation the brand’s global exposure has really been galvanised through travel retail after Molton Brown entered new locations and channels.


“The world is our oyster,” said Versluys. “We keep exploring, but it is also great that we are still seeing fantastic results in our home market of the UK (travel retail), which really shows that our strategy of elevating the experience we are offering to our customers in travel retail and in the UK is paying off.”



TRBusiness filmed an exclusive video interview with Mark Johnson, President for Molton Brown, Global, prior to the press conference in Cannes. Watch this space for the finished video…



Apparently, the brand’s shop at Gatwick Airport (North Terminal) is one of the latest to undergo a big refit. “We’ve made the right investments and they are paying off,” added Versluys. “So that’s a great start for our projects that are coming in 2019.”


One year on from launching its new fragrance-focused manifesto, this year in Cannes Molton Brown revealed new launches for 2018/2019, such as Jasmine Rose (launched a few weeks before the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes).


“But it is 2019, which is really going to be the year of fragrance for us,” insisted Versluys. “we are going to accelerate and take a massive, massive step forward for the business. Both from a business and brand perspective. This is one of the most important launches for Molton Brown in the last five years or so.


“The aim of this ‘project’ is to offer a high-value fragrance experience to our customer.”


This will be the largest EDP collection that the brand has ever launched…but it is not the first.



The new EDP range is the largest in the brand’s history.


“We started our fragrance journey back in 2014 and we’ve grown our EDT range to offer more opportunities to our customers,” said Versluys. “But we thought that if we wanted to be considered as a proper fragrance house and be very serious about this, we would have to launch an EDP collection.”


So this is what MB has done. Interestingly, the brand did previously have an EDP collection, but this was previously completely independent from the rest of the MB offer.


“Our consumers really didn’t understand the purpose of the range in our collection as a whole,” admits Versluys.


“As a result it was not so successful, which is why we decided to discontinue it a couple of years ago. So this time we wanted to really do it right.”


Visitors to the Molton Brown suite in Cannes were treated to a sneak preview of the EDP range.

Taking the process step by step, as mentioned MB started with the EDT range, leveraging off the popularity of its body wash range both of which sport similar bottles, which are easy to identify with the brand.



“So we started with the foundation; our 50ml EDT collection and we strengthened it this year with the introduction of the 100ml format. Next year you will see the introduction of the EDP.”



One of the original EDT scents, Fiery Pink Pepper.

Instead of simply intensifying the existing EDT formula, Molton Brown actually went back to each of the perfumers (who created the original EDTs) to ask them how they would have created the same scents as EDPs had they never created an EDT in the first place.


“It would have been too easy to simply strengthen the formula of the EDTs,” reiterated Versluys. “A lot of brands do it, but not us.”


The result? A twist on the original scents and the promise of a ‘new olfactive experience’ for each, despite the fact that the names of the original EDTs will be carried over.


An important component of any luxury fragrance launch, is of course the flacon and packaging design, which Versluys says is just as important as the juice itself.



This called for the expertise of Vincent Villeger, Creative Director at – Luxury packaging consulting, who has worked for over 20 years in luxury packaging, for the likes of Burberry, Givenchy, VanCleef & Arpels, Yves St Laurent and Issey Miyake.



The bold new EDP bottle design from Molton Brown, said to be inspired by 70s London.


“In all fairness, when you look at our EDTs, we went for packaging that was actually reminiscent of our body wash, because this is what people knew the brand for,” explains Versluys.


“But effectively what you want from an EDT and what you want from an EDP are not the same. Especially in the world of luxury fragrances the packaging is as important as the juice in itself.


“We got the feedback that we were not going in the right direction with the EDT packaging, so we teamed up with Vincent.”



Molton Brown have numerous travel retail exclusive sets.

MB had a desire to elevate the brand and push the luxury positioning of its EDPs. Aside from this, they wanted the product to really look like a fragrance – not a bath and body product – be reminiscent of London in the 70s and have a strong and unique visual identity.



Villeger, who was present at the big reveal in Cannes said: “This project is incredible. I’ve known the brand for years obviously as I’ve lived in London for 20 years.


“The brief was so clear and the objectives so well defined that it was a great pleasure to take part in this project. Sometimes half the job can be to help the client understand why they are doing what they are doing in the first place.


“But that was not the case for Molton Brown, who had a really good vision of what they wanted to achieve; establishing the brand as an expert in fragrance, really asserting ownable design codes and communicate the brand origins.”


Villeger said he particularly enjoyed channelling specific aspects of London in the 1970s; the creativity and progressive outlook on life at the time.


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