ReboundTAG looks to expand partnerships in travel retail

By Charlotte Turner |

ReboundTAG-leadAlready recognised by Lufthansa, Marriott Hotels and Allianz Travel Insurance, luggage tag company, ReboundTAG, believes its products and services are a natural fit for the travel retail industry.


ReboundTAG combines the latest tracking technology to allow any person finding the piece of luggage with a ReboundTAG to easily contact the luggage owner and arrange for its safe return both inside and outside the airport.


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“ReboundTAG is a baggage tag that brings together all the useful technology that helps to keep track of your luggage in a way that is far more advanced and secure that just putting your name, address and phone number on it,” says the company.


In fact, travel security experts advise you to never put your contact details on your luggage, which could make your home a target for robbery when you are on the road, adds ReboundTAG.



“In Alabama you can find one of the state’s biggest tourist attractions; it is a shop as big as a city block,” says the company. “It is named the Unclaimed Baggage Center and it sells off the forlorn contents of lost luggage that it buys from airlines around the world, everyday thousands of items from jewellery through clothing to high tech items arrive at this amazing location.


“Now most bags that the airlines lose are eventually returned to their owners but many are not, it is not simply a case of insufficient identification, there is much more to it than that.”


Max Rangeley CEO of ReboundTAG, adds: “Look around you; your mobile phones, cars, dogs and even cats are trackable using microchip implanted devices and can be tracked by using radio frequency identification (RFID) microchips implanted in them, if we can track these things why can’t we apply this technology to track your luggage? It was for this logical reason we launched ReboundTAG on the market.”


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