This week in the #TRMemoryBox: thank you for all your many contributions!

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TR MEMORY BOX LOGOTRBusiness has been overwhelmed by the response to its #TRMemoryBox photo-sharing initiative and we have been delighted to see all your pictures you’ve sent in or shared over the last week.

As an industry, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a close knit and sociable group of people and in the absence of meeting our industry friends in person, TRBusiness is inviting you to share your photos and fond memories/stories on social media with the hashtag #TRMemoryBox.

Photos and memories can be shared from any era on the TRBusiness LinkedIn Page (here), the TRBusiness Facebook page (here) or using #TRMemoryBox on Twitter.

You can also email [email protected] or [email protected] and we will share your photos and memories via our social media channels.

We hope this brings some much needed cheer to the industry at what is a very difficult time for us all. We look forward to seeing some of your photos and memories on social media in the coming days.

Stay at home, stay safe, keep smiling.

Here’s a selection of some of your pics you sent it or shared via #TRMemoryBox on social media.

Federica Tojo TRMemoryBox

Thanks for this Federica Tojo, who believes this photo was taken in 2010 in Puerto Rico. Doesn’t time fly? Here’s to happy and healthy times ahead!

TRMemoryBox Jo Avril Mark and Nigel

This one is from Avril Appleyard, snapped at TRBusiness Rocks in Cannes! What a great shot of Jo Willey, Avril and Mark Appleyard and our very own Nigel Hardy

TRMemoryBox Flemingo and WGS and Andy

One of many pictures taken by Row Holland featuring Andrew Pentol, Paul Topping and Amanda Felix.

TRMemoryBox Susan Robbie and Gerry

Susan Whelan, Robbie Gill and Gerry Munday.

TRMemoryBox Joe Clare and Ian

Thanks for this one Joe Harvey.

TRMemoryBox Row Lois Wendy and Rebecca

Women in Travel Retail (WiTr) meeting featuring some very well-known ladies L to R: Rebecca Mann; Lois Pasternak; Row Holland and Wendy Gallagher.

TRMemoryBox Michael Pasternak and Andrew Pentol

Pia Kautz of Skross with Andrew Pentol (right) and Michael Pasternak (left).

TRMemoryBox Peter Sant Sunil Tuli

L to R: Peter Sant, Sunil Tuli and Steffen Brandt.


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