E.Gluck: Torgoen watches the ‘perfect complement’ for Anne Klein in DF&TR

By Andrew Pentol |

The Torgoen collection was only previously available via the brand’s e-commerce platform.

New York-based watch company E. Gluck Corporation has described its Torgoen watch label as the ‘perfect complement’ for the Anne Klein Considered Watch Collection in DF&TR.

Acquired by the company in 2019, E.Gluck will launch the Torgoen watch label in DF&TR at the upcoming TRMarketplace digital meeting and conference event (28 September to 3 October 2020).

The Torgoen collection, which was only previously available via the brand’s e-commerce platform, features watches inspired by vintage cockpit instruments. Powered by Swiss quartz and automatic movements, the opening retail price is $250.

In the build-up to TRMarketplace, E.Gluck is focusing its marketing on the Anne Klein Considered Collection, which was launched in honour of Earth Day 2020.

It is also looking to expand its GTR distribution of the Considered Collection and find new opportunities in cruise and airport retail.


Rob Robertaccio, Vice President Global Travel Retail Sales, E. Gluck Corporation told TRBusiness: “Torgoen is actually the perfect complement to Anne Klein since our designs are all about style. Secondly, Torgoen allows us to have a men’s offering. Anne Klein is only female.

“Lastly, it’s about affordability. While the price range of Torgoen is much higher than our typical Anne Klein watch, it still offers tremendous value based on the components used. The same can be said for our Anne Klein brand.”

E.Gluck Corporation acquired the Torgoen watch label in 2019.

Outlining the reasoning behind the launch of Torgoen in duty free and travel retail, Robertaccio explained: “Torgoen is a 10-year-old direct-to-consumer brand. Recognising the need for controlled growth of any brand, our thought was that duty free and travel retail was the right approach for its first significant expansion from e-commerce.”

He added: “The DF&TR industry is an incredible platform to create brand recognition and build a customer base. We know this consumer likes things that are unique, upscale and offer value. It just made sense that this was the best place to start.”

Robertaccio, who emphasised that duty free and travel retail customers are always seeking something special, said Torgoen’s aviation-inspired design lent itself very well to the environment it hopes to sell the watches in.

He also suggested that that the pricing of the collection in terms of what is offered, makes it ‘really perfect’ for this market. “Torgoen has a unique aesthetic with its aviator feel.  We use luxury components like swiss movements, Italian leather straps and sapphire crystals.

“These elements are typically found in high-end Swiss luxury watches, but we offer all of this at an opening price point of $250. The entire collection is currently available for under $800.

“We offer a look that even the finest watch aficionado can appreciate at accessible prices to almost any consumer.”

Torgoen has a unique aesthetic with its aviator feel, according to Rob Robertaccio, Vice President Global Travel Retail Sales, E. Gluck Corporation.

Currently, there appears to be a trend for clean easy-to-read dials in the premium and luxury watches segment. This fits perfectly with Torgoen and its aviation-inspired design, according to Matt Shell, Senior Vice President Product Development, E.Gluck Corporation.

He told TRBusiness: “When in the cockpit, you need a timepiece that can be easily seen both day and night.  Each Torgoen watch comes with oversized numbers and luminous paint for easy time telling.”


Regarding the short-term and long-term objective for Torgoen in DF&TR, Robertaccio is adopting a measured approach in these unprecedented times. “Initially, I am just hoping the DF&TR world finds interest in Torgoen from TRMarketplace.

“Once the conversations start, I am confident we can build successful business relationships just like we have done with Anne Klein.

“In the long-term, why not shoot for the stars and hope to be in every airport, airplane and cruise ship? Seriously though, our goal at E.Gluck has always been to build long, strong and successful partnerships in the industry.  The rest will happen on its own.”

The New York-based company is focusing its marketing on the Anne Klein Considered Collection in the build-up to TRMarketplace.

On the early progression of the Anne Klein brand in the channel, Robertaccio said: “For Anne Klein, it has really been about expanding our brand recognition in the DF&TR industry, as we all work through the Covid-19 situation.

“While we have been around for a long time and have successful businesses, there are still many opportunities.  I think our marketing efforts, along with great product offerings such as our new Anne Klein Considered collection, will lead to many new customers and inquiries at TRMarketplace. That keeps me positive that we will move into 2021 very successfully.”

Looking ahead to the rest of this year, the priorities are keeping current business partners excited about its brands and offerings and cultivating new relationships. He concluded: “It’s truly a time to be creative and to think outside the box. It is not a time to forget about what we know, but to expand on it in new and improved ways.

“We need to accept that things have changed, but there is no reason not to look for something positive from it.”


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