Total dollar breakdown of Dufrys 2008 sales

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The Dufry Group has today released a full breakdown of its product category sales for 2008 – as compared with 2007 – along with the breakdowns by market sectors and the net sales by channel.

For the first time anywhere, TREND publishes these hard dollar figures from Dufry's annual report and highlights which categories are in growth.

In terms of net sales by product category, perfumes and cosmetics led the mix with a share of 21% with sales of Swf.541.4m ($477.3m) in 2008 compared with Swf.516.2m ($455.1m) in 2007.

Wines and Spirits at 13% came in second with sales of Swf.348.4m ($307.2m) compared with Swf.335.4m ($295.7m) in 2007.

With a 12% share, the Watches, jewellery and accessories category was only one of two sectors where sales fell, with sales of Swf.300.1m ($264.6m) in 2008 versus 2007's result of Swf.305m ($269m).

Confectionery, food and catering took a share of 16% and generated Swf.256.5m ($226.1m) in 2008, compared with Swf.208.4m ($183.7m) in 2007.
Tobacco sales remained in growth accounting for 8% sales last year at Swf.194.5m ($171.5m) compared with Swf.185.5m ($163.6m), while Fashion, leather and baggage sales reached Swf.130.8m ($115.3m) in 2008, compared with Swf.107.4m ($94.7m).

At the same time, Literature & Publications' sales accounted for 13% of the total reaching Swf.123.3m ($108.7m) in 2008 compared with Swf.59.9m ($52.8m).

The other category where sales slipped was electronics where sales last year accounted for 4% of sales and reached Swf.101.2m ($89.2m) compared with Swf.107.4m ($94.7m) in 2007.

Last, but not least, Toys, Souvenirs and other goods generated sales of Swf.60.7m ($53.5m) last year, versus Swf.59.6m ($52.5m) in 2007.

Total sales in 2008 were Swf. 2.057,306 ($1.814bn) compared with Swf.1.885.401 ($1.661bn)) in 2007.

In terms of the split, duty free sales accounted for Swf.1.640.952 ($1.446bn) in 2008 compared with Swf.1.610.241 ($1.420bn) in 2007. In terms of net sales by distribution channel, airports accounted for Swf.1.702.472 ($1.501bn) last year, compared with Swf.1.512.410 ($1.333bn) in 2007.

Cruise liners and seaports accounted for Swf.138.2m ($121.9m) in 2008, compared with Swf.139.8m ($123.2m) in 2007. Downtown, hotels and resort sales also fell with the total of Swf.115.8m ($102.1m) in 2008 and Swf.141m ($124.3m) in 2007.

Railway stations and other outlets generated sales of Swf.100.7m ($88.8m) last year, compared with Swf.92m ($81.1m) in 2007.

.(The exchange rate used in this story is 1 Swf. = 0.881585 USD).


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