Whyte & Mackay unveils new digital campaigns to boost engagement

By Charlotte Turner |

Whyte & Mackay has developed a series of new campaigns to ‘excite and engage shoppers’ and intends to boost penetration through the Malt category, which is predicted to drive a rebound in sales for the travel retail channel.


“The recent crisis has created significant changes across the travel retail sector and with lower footfall in airports, it has never been more important to drive penetration and engagement,” said Whyte & Mackay.


“Whyte & Mackay believes that the industry cannot simply wait for passenger numbers to recover and so must seek to connect with shoppers beyond the store. This means a new focus on digital is needed to make the most of the potential customers who are available.”


The company said it is offering two solutions: a diverse portfolio of Malt brands which appeal to different types of shopper and a series of innovative digital engagement programmes.


“Harnessed correctly, the power of digital can re-engage existing customers who are re-turning to the duty free shops and help new customers to discover the exceptional selections the Malt category has to offer,” added W&M.



By reaching out with campaigns across both customer websites and dedicated brand pages, Whyte & Mackay can help turn travellers into shoppers before they even leave the house.



Brand experiences rolled out through social media and brand pages will form part of an ‘innovative and vibrant outreach campaign’.


“Creative gifting opportunities help put travellers into the buying mindset before they set off by giving them a reason to purchase and visit the shop,” added W&M.


“Once the interest of these potential shoppers has been piqued by their online experience, they are drawn into the store with the promise of more.”


The Malt sector will play a leading role in travel retail recovery, says Whyte & Mackay.

The Malt sector will play a leading role in travel retail recovery, says Whyte & Mackay.

Whyte & Mackay Travel Retail Head of Marketing Clarisse Daniels said: “Our customers have moved online during the lockdown and that is where we must engage them, excite them and win them over to our brands before they even arrive in the shop.


“We know that consumers are looking for emotionally engaging content online and our collection of pedigree single malts is full of distinctive, interesting and rich stories.



“We’ve created a series of online content that will connect with potential duty free shoppers; it will bring our stories to life using assets that will engage the audience’s senses, through the use of art or music for instance.”


Whyte & Mackay is looking forward to showcasing its new omnichannel campaigns, especially for its new travel retail exclusive release The Dalmore Ensemble Collection.


Each individual malt in The Dalmore Ensemble Collection has been paired with bespoke music composed exclusively for the collection as well as tailored illustrations.


“These speak to the artistry, beauty and craft which went into creating the travel retail exclusive Ensemble Collection. The content will be diffused through digital channels to create excitement and engagement before shoppers arrive at the shop,” added W&M.


Daniels concluded: “What we need to do has not changed, but the way we do it has. At Whyte & Mackay we are still creating exciting and engaging campaigns for travellers which will draw them into the store and turn them into buyers. Now we have to bring these campaigns to the shopper before they set off, with exciting digital communications.”


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