NordAN calls airlines to rethink alcohol policy

By Charlotte Turner |

Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network (NordAN), with over 80 member organisations from Nordic and Baltic countries, calls airline companies to rethink their policies on alcohol on board.


“Most airlines do have a policy on alcohol. This usually means not admitting on board intoxicated persons and not serving excessive amounts,” said the network.


“However, experience shows that airline staff often do not adhere to policies, one reason being that they have a pressure to be service minded. Many examples can be found on persons who have become intoxicated on flights to the point of posing a threat to passengers and the flight itself.”


The network airs its concerns that the changes in air pressure, fatigue from flying, and dehydration can cause alcohol to be more potent than usual.


“Especially in the Nordic countries where alcohol availability is decreased through the monopoly retail system and restrictive alcohol policy has been successful in cutting alcohol related problems. Serving free alcohol on planes clearly contradicts policies that are enforced on the ground,” adds the network.


NordAN believes that flying should be “made safe for everybody”, and limiting access to alcohol is an important step. One way NordAN believes it could prevent alcohol-related problems is to ask passengers to pay for it [an opportunity for airlines to maximise non-aeronautical revenues – Ed].

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