‘Add the spice’: Love From USA on hybrid retail-F&B concepts

By Kristiane Sherry |

Love from USA Group has opened hybrid retail-F&B concepts at Denver.

Love from USA Group has opened hybrid retail-F&B concepts at Denver.

The customer, locale, client needs and airport requirements are all key to adding “the spice” and making hybrid retail-F&B concepts a success in airports, Patricia Chinander, CEO at Love from USA Group, has said.

Responding to questions from TRBusiness, Chinander said that considering the needs of every stakeholder was key to getting the trickiness of retail-F&B hybrid concepts right.

The interview followed Love from USA Group’s recent activity at Denver International. The ACDBE-certified, family-owned business partnered with Mission Yoghurt to open three concepts at the airport

Black Canyon, Long Peak Market & Goods and High Dune Market & Goods all offer both F&B options and artisan goods that reflect the local Colorado culture. 

“A hybrid approach is one of the most exciting concepts we put together, they are different for each individual airport,” Chinander said.

“It’s all about the customer, the locale, and the needs of the clients in the airports where you start your concepts. 

“Then add the spice, the trend, the innovative and experiential approach to make it different.”

Being adaptable enough to work with the “ever-changing” retail and F&B landscape was also key to making the concepts successful and ensuring the right product mix. 

“The local journey of products is a key piece for the hybrid concepts which make them unique,” Chinander added.

Hybrid retail-F&B: Always different.

A common criticism of hybrid retail-F&B concepts has been that consumers often do not know what to expect. For Chinander, this can work as a strength in the airport space.  

“They know they can always find something different, and to their liking, but most importantly they have come to seek out our destination,” they continued. The key is making it clear enough to understand from the outside looking in. 

“Our visual merchandising and product categories elevate what customers are used to in airport spaces.”

The retail spaces also offer grab-and-go F&B

The spaces offer grab-and-go F&B

One way to keep this effective is to be prepared to custom-make every concept. Love From USA Group works with the customer to ensure that everything is bespoke, and work is kept in-house. 

“We tell a story, it’s the local story,” Chinander said. “Even our fresh market items are curated with the customer’s specific palette in mind! Our social media, in-store promotion and givebacks are key to helping communicate with our customers.”

Finally, she noted that the success of hybrid retail-F&B concepts shows that consumers are ready for them. 

Patricia Chinander Love from USA Group

Patricia Chinander Love from USA Group says bespoke approaches to hybrid retail are critical.

“The customer has become very fashionable and savvy. They know what they want and enjoy different experiences each time they walk into one of our custom branded stores.”

That local artisans are represented also resonate. “Airports can support multiple ACDBE businesses like Mission Yogurt and Love From USA Group, Inc. with the knowledge that we provide access and awareness to local artisans, continue the hybrid food and beverage airport experience that customers come to rely on, and our ingenuity and passion give them what they want in the food and beverage landscape. As it changes, so do we.”

Read more about hybrid retail-F&B concepts in the upcoming edition of TRBusiness magazine, available online and in print shortly. 


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