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Last month, the municipal authorities of Puerto Iguazu and the educational authorities of Misiones province helped The London Supply Foundation (LSF) lay the foundation stone of the new school number 875, in the Primero de

Mayo district of Puerto Iguazu, which was originally announced last year.

LSF is a charitable organisation financed by the Argentine duty free operator and the new school building is costing APs.3m ($827,449) which is being totally financed by the Foundation.

The school is situated in one of the poorest districts of the town and will also be supported by a new police station, a first aid post and a community dining room.

The 1,500sq m project will replace the present building where 500 pupils study and will also include workshops and sporting facilities in the 5,000sq m site.

According to London Supply?s Vice President Victor Hugo Bonnet, one of the objectives of the London Supply Foundation is to help improve education facilities in the area where the company operates.

Bonnet said: ?Education has always been one of our principal worries, because we are convinced that it is the principal and most powerful tool to assure the future of our children.?

In October of last year, the Foundation announced that it will assist the local authorities to ensure that the Universidad Catolica de Salta opens a campus that will allow students from Iguazu to study the initial part of their university courses in their home town. The new university courses will begin in April 2009.


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