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Saybrex International has unveiled the latest addition to its Hirsch line of American whiskies with its new Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey which is available in the US domestic market this month and will be available

internationally later this summer.

Saybrex says that Hirsch Selection Special Reserve Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey now joins the 'rare treasures' of Hirsch 20-year old American Whiskey distilled from bourbon mash and Hirsch 25 and 28-year old which the company claims are the oldest American whiskies in the marketplace today.

In a statement, the company said: ‘The Hirsch family represents the finest and most sought after American whiskies in the marketplace. Brought to this unique position by the relentless efforts of Henry Preiss and Preiss Imports, the Hirsch Selection enjoys today the respect of whiskey connoisseurs worldwide.’

At the same time, Henry Preiss added: ‘Authentic whiskey selection is a recognizable strength of Preiss Imports. The Hirsch Selection hand-picked series of single barrel whiskies is chosen expressly for connoisseurs of small batch fine spirits. In this tradition, we invite you to savor this classic KSCW, which has been especially aged and mellowed in reused oak barrels. This KSCW is another true original Hirsch Selection.

‘Corn whiskey is historically the first commercial American whiskey, but today Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey (KSCW) represents a tiny, but very important, classification of American whiskey. Through the stark landscape of authentic KSCW, we encourage you to venture into this pristine territory shepherded by an experienced guide, Hirsch Selection. KSCW is the predecessor to bourbon whiskey, which has at least 51% corn in the mash bill. Only when the corn content is at least 80% can a whiskey be designated as corn whiskey.’

Commenting on distribution arrangements to TREND, Saybrex International Vice President of Operations Ari Busselsaid: ‘The Hirsch Corn will be distributed internationally both in domestic markets and duty free. It is a category not yet developed, so there are very few corn whiskies. Yet, with 80% of the mash bill made of corn, there is some sweetness to the product which is exactly in line with current consumer preferences.

‘Add to this mix the price point, and I think that it will be a good fit to duty free, both in terms of quality and price and in terms of positioning (something unique/exclusive).’

Meanwhile, Saybrex also reports that while its Highland Park Split Cask 39 year old has now completely sold out, the company is continuing to offer the 38-year old and Ari Bussel said it has made good inroads into the cruise business.

He says that the company has already received repeat orders for the 38-year old and also two Glenglassaugh offerings (44yo and 38yo). The latter two rare limited edition products come from the Glenglassaugh Distillery which was mothballed under the Edrington Group prior to it being sold last year.

Bussel says that the 44yo and 38yo have recommended prices of $1,800 and $1,200 per bottle respectively and he adds that the cruise line repeat order was 'quite astonishing' considering that market behaviour since the beginning of the financial meltdown has shifted considerably from very high-priced items.

Bussel says that Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' repeat order maintained both the quantity and the price level of the pre-financial meltdown.


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