Video interview: Lital Guedalia, Global Travel Retail Sales Director, Cabeau

By Andrew Pentol |

The Evolution S3 pillow was launched by Cabeau around one-and-a-half years ago.

Travel accessories company Cabeau is looking to mitigate against the impact of Covid-19 by pivoting away from only offering travel accessories and travel comfort products to also providing lifestyle, comfort and wellness items.

The Los Angeles-based company, which reported an 80% drop in total revenue globally in the past year has been forced to let go half of its workforce due to the pandemic.

Speaking candidly to TRBusiness in a recent video interview, Lital Guedalia, Global Travel Retail Sales Director, Cabeau, says the entire brand is being repositioned to focus on more than just travel.

“We are more than just a travel brand and more than just about travel comfort. Products launched in the future will speak to that same realm. Items will be for every-day use and not necessarily just for travel.”

Speaking of new launches, Cabeau has unveiled a new S3-D display, which sits on top of the poles showcasing its Evolution S3 pillows. The Evolution S3 pillow was unveiled around one-and-a-half years ago and is the company’s latest launch.


Guedalia explained: “The S3-D display explains how the Evolution S3 pillow works. We obtained some feedback from our consumers indicating they do not always understand how to use the pillow properly.

“The great thing about the S3-D display is that it does not just explain the pillow. By placing it in a few DF&TR locations in the US, we discovered it increased sales by over 50% during the testing period and brought additional customers  to the store.”

She added: “Retailers participating in the tests noticed foot traffic increased and that more people were approaching the pole display/S3-D display and asking questions.”

Aside the S3-D display, Cabeau is working on the launch of its new Incredi-belt innovation. The product, which supports those suffering from back-pain is currently in production and will be rolled out in DF&TR imminently.

Guedalia commented: “As we were doing the research around the Incredi-belt, we found that eight out of 10 people suffer from lower back pain. With more and more people working from home and not having the proper chairs or set-up with their computers, people’s back-pain is actually increasing.”

The new S3-D display sits on top of the poles showcasing Cabeau’s Evolution S3 pillows.

While most back-support items on the market are static — users tie them to chairs and have the support on the chair — the Incredi-belt actually attaches to the user. “When you are moving around, the belt moves with you. This means you have constant dynamic support no matter where you are or what you are doing.”

She concluded: “We have had great feedback on the Incredi-belt from our partners. The item will be available in the next month and we will see how sales progress.”

The Incredi-belt attaches to users and supports their back wherever they are or what they are doing.


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