TR Sustainability Week: Don’t wait until it’s too late, says Cabeau CEO

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Photo: Grant Pritchard.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: David Sternlight, Chief Executive Officer at Cabeau, brings TRBusiness up to date on the company’s green achievements and why taking action today will help pave the way for a brighter future. 

Giving back can be good for business, as Sternlight explains. The ‘Cabeau Cares’ initiative, which involves shutting down the office for one day per month so the team can serve a local charity or organisation, is not only good for the community, but helps to foster a workplace culture in which people feel invested.

In this exclusive video update, Sternlight also discusses the challenges in sourcing a more eco-friendly alternative to memory foam, and how the company is pinpointing smart ways to be greener overall.

Sternlight is passionate about making positive changes, before it’s too late: “I feel an obligation, as does our company, to be incredible corporate stewards and help make the world a better place.”

When asked what the DF&TR industry could do better, Sternlight answered: “The question I ask myself is: What can I do and how can I be responsible for making a change? The answer, to me, is not just in our company, but inspiring our community.

“And I feel like we have a huge number of people who are really interested in making a difference and what’s great about that is there’s going to be a pressure from within the industry to get with the programme as quickly as possible – I think we’re seeing that.”

He also hints at the next big announcement in the pipeline…

This video interview first appeared in the TRBusiness Sustainability Issue 2023. Click here to view the publication.

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