Adapt & Survive interviews: John Woodhouse

By Andrew Pentol |

Schäfer Airport Retail GmbH has launched a new travel health and wellbeing range as part of its plan to emerge stronger, when DF&TR begins its recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

In conversation with TRBusiness during the third edition of this publication’s ‘Adapt & Survive’ Skype video interview series, John Woodhouse, Managing Partner, Schäfer Airport Retail says members of the team are not waiting for business to come to them.

Woodhouse said: “Over the past eight weeks, before Covid-19 hit Europe, we have been working on introducing a range of [Move-branded] KN95 face-masks, hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes. We believe these products will be part of travel retail for the time being and even for up to 18 months, as passengers have a little bit of anxiety about travelling in such close proximity to other people.”

The first two interviews in the Adapt & Survive series feature Peter Mohn, CEO, m1nd-set and Sam Gerber, Managing Partner, Skross.

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