Talking TRMarketplace: John Gates and Sebastien Levi, Moroccanoil

By Charlotte Turner |

Moroccanoil has emphasised that travel retail remains a strategic and very important channel for Moroccanoil and that is has been an integral part of the company’s successful omnichannel strategy thus far.

John Gates, Senior Vice President of Retail and Travel Retail Sales & Sebastien Levi, Vice President Global Travel Retail at Moroccanoil, also tell TRBusiness that exhibiting at TRMarketplace was an easy decision to make in the light of challenges forced upon the company during the global pandemic.

“First thing that came to mind when TRBusiness first approached me for this amazing opportunity was, ‘of course’, because of the huge support TRBusiness has given Moroccanoil and my team from day one when we entered into the travel retail channel of operation,” said Gates.

“Secondly, connectivity with our retail partners and end-consumers is more important now more than ever.”

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    Talking TRMarketplace: John Gates and Sebastien Levi, Moroccanoil,

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