Mignon Buckingham, CEO, Airport Dimensions

By Faye Bartle |

Mignon Buckingham, CEO, Airport Dimensions shares how the company is innovating beyond airport lounges into other top physical experiences in the ‘sleep, gaming and spa’ space, as well as offering a ‘whole suite of digital experiences’ to ensure travellers have ‘the best control over their time at the airport’.

In a piece to camera filmed during the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes in October 2022, Buckingham described how the digital-first expectations of Gen Y and Gen Z are impacting the thinking behind its approach.

“80% of them expect to buy and book digitally in the airport, compared to 60% with older age groups,” she said. 

Airport Dimensions’ work to fully digitise the airport lounge experience is reflective of that, from booking showers to reserving meeting rooms and more all now becoming available at passengers’ fingertips.

“This is something we will be rolling out going forward,” confirmed Buckingham, highlighting how ‘‘the happier customers are, the more they spend”.

You can hear more of what she has to say by clicking the video above. 

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