Enviro-Point and ChangeGroup team up on biodegradable currency wallets

By Faye Bartle |


Left: Enviro-Point CEO Graeme Stewart. Right: Sacha Alexander Zackariya, CEO, ChangeGroup & Prosegur Change.

Enviro-Point has entered into an agreement with foreign exchange and bureau de change company ChangeGroup to supply the business with currency wallets utilising its biotransformation technology.

The partnership was born from the two companies meeting for the first time at the TR Consumer Forum in Vienna in June 2023.

As a result of discovering clear synergies, they have now teamed up to deploy the eco-friendly technology across part of ChangeGroup’s network, which covers of 150 branches and 400 ATMs in airports, seaports and city centres globally.

“I’m very excited by the environmental commitment shown by ChangeGroup in introducing our biotransformation technology into their currency wallets,” said Enviro-Point CEO Graeme Stewart.

“I regularly discuss the need for businesses to make the ‘small’ changes as these can make the biggest and immediate environmental improvements.

“To see one of the leading currency exchange providers make this commitment will hopefully encourage other operators to stand up and make these enhancements also.”

The supply will commence in January and will initially be for ChangeGroup’s outlets in Helsinki Airport and Melbourne Airport.

It will later be rolled out into all of ChangeGroup’s airport and ultra-prime city branches around the world.

Based upon initial order volumes, the supply agreement will save a minimum of 800kg of single-use plastic waste potentially making its way and remaining in the environment, according to Enviro-Point.


Enviro-Point CEO Graeme Stewart speaking at the 2023 TR Consumer Forum in Vienna.

“The Prosegur group employs 160,0000 people and we are constantly seeking ways in which we can improve, to better meet the needs of the communities we serve,” commented Sacha Alexander Zackariya, CEO, ChangeGroup & Prosegur Change.

“Having shown how retailers and stakeholders can improve in my new book Leading Travel & Tourism Retail, I am naturally delighted that this new ESG compliant technology can be deployed at all our airport and ultra-prime city branches globally.”

Helping to drive positive sustainable change 

Enviro-Point is dedicated to sourcing sustainable solutions to aviation plastic waste.

Through its partnership with Polymateria, it is bringing to market the world’s first certified biodegradation technology capable of delivering full biological decomposition of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) materials between one and two years after its useful service life period.

By year three, the material bio-transforms completely into a bio-available wax that’s bio-assimilated back into nature (broken down to a molecular weight that can be consumed by living organisms).

While responsible disposal is encouraged, any plastic that escapes refuse streams therefore is fully biodegraded in the natural environment.

The material has multiple uses, including for pallet wrap, liquid security bags, carrier bags, coffee cups, plastic cups and duty free security tamper evident bags (STEBs), with more products in the pipeline.

As revealed by TRBusiness, the firm introduced ICAO-approved duty free STEBs at Gatwick Airport in June.

“The technology can replace any single-use plastic problem,” stressed Stewart. “In my opinion, paper, cotton and compostable materials are often a ‘tick box’, or ‘optics’ substitute for single-use plastic, but when you break it down it’s not as sustainable as our biotransformation technology due to the full life cycle and carbon footprint of alternative ‘solutions’.

“Our solution may help to save our partners money, whilst improving their environmental footprint at the same time.”

Further to the above, Enviro-Point has agreed an order with Secure Travel to provide luggage bag wrap for its operations at Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland airports, with the stock expected to arrive imminently.

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