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Julie Foley

From morning podcasts to evening workouts, Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail’s Head of Retail Training Julie Foley maximises every moment of her day.


My Apple watch alarm normally goes off at 5:20am, as I like the control of hitting the button for a 10-minute snooze before getting up. I check in on my sleep quality, which is something I am vigilantly guarding to drive my productivity later in the day.

After showering, getting myself and my two children dressed and ready for the day, I enjoy an English breakfast tea and Herbalife and chia seeds porridge with fruit before a speedy tidy up and dropping my youngest to day care.

On route in the car, I listen to an episode of ‘The Diary of a CEO’ with Steven Bartlett, which I have been doing now for a couple of years. Recently these interviews have been with leading doctors, nutritionists and professors in gut health, nutrition and wellbeing, which I have been taking heed of in my personal life. I find this routine sets me up intellectually and positively for the day.

The Diary Of A CEO

Foley is a fan of the popular The Diary Of A CEO podcast by Steven Bartlett. Photo: Shutterstock.

I log on to my emails and Microsoft Teams around 7:30am and start to catch up on anything that has come in from across the time zones overnight, whilst preparing for my first meeting of the day, usually with the APAC team.


I plan to take lunch around early afternoon meetings, which usually means I grab something around 1pm. A ‘go to’ is avocado and eggs, or yogurt with mixed fruit and nuts, dependant on time.

Whilst doing this, I do a few stretches with a resistance band and then check the news and socials to see if there is anything noteworthy across business, politics, or a personal interest – beauty and experiences.

Julie Foley

Julie Foley at the TR Consumer Forum 2024 in Dubai. Photo: TRBusiness/Dreambox Creative Consultants, UAE.

My background is in beauty and cosmetics as well as customer experience, so I am addicted to anything that falls into that domain. A lot of what I uncover, albeit not specifically akin to the spirits industry, shares transferable value in what I do, so I feel this is a good investment of my time.


The afternoon I pick up meetings with the team based in the UK as well as the US and Canada on critical projects and training we are implementing, then start working through the list of actions that have been gathering whilst I’ve been in meetings.

Getting the time with the teams early on in the day usually allows me to be productive in working through my own actions in the afternoon. Plus, it helps my direct reports to set themselves up for success at the beginning of their day without me distracting them.

What I find extraordinary about working at Pernod Ricard, is that regardless of whether you are in the office, on the other side of the world or working from home, there is a true sense of being part of the convivial culture and movement.

Everyone is just so willing to support you and want to see you succeed. Whether it’s someone in a senior role, to a peer or a direct report – everyone finds the time to help you without hesitation. It’s a truly remarkable business and I strive to keep that spirit going in how I operate too.

Wrapping up the work day

My day concludes with me finishing presentation decks, meeting with suppliers and setting up agendas for follow up calls. I make it a habit to review my calendar for the following day so I’m all-set.


Foley sees a post-work workout session as key to maintaining her fitness and mental health. Photo: Shutterstock.

I also like to have updated my to-do list with anything I haven’t gotten to before I close the laptop, so I can hit the ground running in the morning.

I think having two children and a busy job, like a lot of people do, I feel most comfortable when I am organised and prepared for what is to come…. Then I have room to juggle the curve balls.

After Hours

When I log off at the end of the day, the fun doesn’t stop. I’m usually then dashing out of the door to collect the children from childcare/after school clubs then home to prepare dinner, chat to the kids about what they have been up to and lay out uniforms for the following day.

About 7pm I tag team with my husband, throw my gym clothes on and walk through the grounds of the local church, then via the oak lined path that takes me across the common (as a warm-up combined with nature-bathing) to the district gym.

I rarely get outdoors during the working day, so I find this time super important for my mental health as well as fitness.

At this time of year, I usually pass by the local cricket team practicing on the green, local villagers enjoying a glass of something cold (Pernod branded I’d hope) and dog walkers getting a final stretch before the evening sets in.

I spend between 1-1.5 hours working out to my meme-inducing eclectic playlist before heading home for a shower and something true-story based on Netflix.

This feature first appeared in the TRBusiness June/July 2024 issue.

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