TR Sustainability Round Table: E. Gluck and Walker’s

By Charlotte Turner |

Staying true to our mission of ‘helping the industry grow’ and offering unrivalled knowledge-sharing opportunities on all CSR-related topics, TRBusiness has given two suppliers the opportunity to not only showcase their sustainable initiatives, but openly discuss these with key industry stakeholders in a TR Sustainability Round Table virtual event.


In an evolution of the acclaimed TR Sustainability Pitch, Rob Robertaccio, E. Gluck’s, Vice President Global & Travel Retail Sales, along with Bryony Walker, Head of Commercial Strategy at Walker’s Shortbread and Sarah Macaulay, Head of Marketing – also with Walker’s – took centre-stage.


During the virtual session, Tracy Ross, Projects & Design Manager and Sustainability Champion for ARI Middle East, Francois Bourienne, Chief Commercial Officer for Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) and Zoe Farmer, Global Director Retail Management at gateretail posed pertinent questions to E. Gluck and Walker’s Shortbread, whilst also sharing their own progress to date on CSR goals and ambitions.



TRBusiness’ CSR journey

Back in 2019, TRBusiness launched two pioneering initiatives to help the duty free & travel retail industry combat its impacts on the environment, including plastic pollution; the TR Plastic Pledge and the TR Sustainability Forum.


As well as intensifying and broadening our editorial coverage on all topics related to CSR – with a dedicated section on our website, webinars, video interviews, in the e-zine and in newsletters – TRBusiness went on to launch TR Sustainability Week in 2021.


TRBusiness hosted the second successful TR Sustainability Week in April this year.


This is the only virtual event for travel retail dedicated solely to sustainability. To coincide with the inaugural event in 2021, we also developed another industry-first recognition programme; the TR Sustainability Pitch; rewarding sustainable products and initiatives associated with the global travel industry. In a further evolution of the pitch, the TR Sustainability Round Table format was born.


TRBusiness would like to welcome all companies to submit any information on their own sustainable initiatives/developments for editorial consideration.


The third edition of the successful TR Sustainability Week will take place in September 2023. The TR Consumer Forum, where sustainability will once again be one of the themes we will discuss in depth, will take place in June.


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