The Sustainability Pitch Session 2: Ferrero

By Faye Bartle |

Sustainability Pitch 2023

Our second Sustainability Pitch comes courtesy of Ferrero – a family-owned business that is one of the world’s largest sweet-packaged food companies, with more than 35 much-loved brands such as Kinder, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, and Tic Tac sold in more than 170 countries.

In this pitch, Ferrero shares an insight into the four key pillars that drive its sustainability strategy.

These are to: protect the environment, source ingredients sustainably, promote responsible consumption and empower people.

Ferrero’s Vice President of Public Policy Centre Francesco Tramontin engaged in a vibrant question and answer session with our esteemed Sustainability Guardians.

Please watch the pitch below to find out more, including whether Ferrero has achieved TR Sustainability Hero or TR Sustainability Trailblazer status…

You can read about this year’s Sustainability Guardians, and find out more about how the Sustainability Pitch initiative works, in the ‘Pitch 1’ article below.

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Plus, you can view a handy explainer video by clicking the button below.

Stay close to the dedicated section on our website to view TR Sustainability Week (4-8 September 2023) content, including more of this year’s Sustainability Pitches. 

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