Talking TRMarketplace series: Rajiv Bhatia, Peuch & Besse

By Andrew Pentol |

French wine company Peuch & Besse (P&B) believes the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is the perfect opportunity for the quaternity (airports, airlines, retailers and brands) to cooperate more in terms of sharing data and delivering value for the industry.

P&B, which is present in 50 countries and multiple airports, is realistic about the challenges facing the channel given the dramatic decline in passenger numbers.

Recently appointed Rajiv Bhatia, Advisor Business Development, Peuch & Besse told TRBusiness: “As a family business, P&B is over 115 years old and has faced a number of challenges in the past. We are optimistic we will come through this positively on the other side as well.”

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    Talking TRMarketplace series: Rajiv Bhatia, Peuch & Besse,

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