‘Adapt & Survive’: Karen Dee, Chief Executive, AOA

By Charlotte Turner |

In the latest ‘Adapt & Survive’ Skype video interview, TRBusiness speaks to Karen Dee, Chief Executive of the UK-based Airport Operators Association (AOA) about the future of air transport in the UK and what measures are being put in place now to allow airports and their affiliated partners to resume operations as quickly and as safely as possible.


Dee, who is a hugely influential figure in the UK aviation industry, also addressed Heathrow Airport’s proposal to test passengers’ temperatures upon normal resumption of flights, mooted by LHR CEO, John Holland-Kaye.


“When John was talking about temperature testing, this is just one measure of which there are a whole range that we think could help us. What we are clear about is that social distancing at an airport is just not going to be commercially viable. So what we are keen to explore with the government is what we do instead.”

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    'Adapt & Survive': Karen Dee, Chief Executive, AOA,

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