Jay Richards CEO of Imagen Insights on the future of Luxury

By Charlotte Turner |

Jay Richards CEO of Imagen Insights, which says it provides ‘brutally honest’ insights from Gen Z consumers, says while sustainability is of utmost importance to this generation, they firstly demand authenticity and fully engaged interaction from luxury brands, be it online or instore.


“They want to engage in a two-way conversation with brands – they don’t want it to be a one-way street – and find out exactly what they plan on doing over the next two to five years and how they can be involved.”


Social media platforms form an essential part of any brand’s communication strategy, but Gen Z are beginning to look outside of the most popular sites – Tumblr is gaining popularity with Gen Z – who are searching for more authentic content.


“Millennials wanted [their content] polished, they wanted people to look beautiful and everything to be perfect and that worked really well… that isn’t the case for Gen Z,” added Richards.”

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    Jay Richards CEO of Imagen Insights on the future of Luxury,

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