FDA-approved Cabeau Tape to tackle face mask ‘pain points’ in PPE market

By Luke Barras-hill |

Cabeau Tape, which adds to the company’s portable hand sanitiser solution, is compatible with all face coverings.

Travel neck pillow specialist Cabeau has introduced a new personal protective equipment (PPE) solution to improve comfort and safety for face mask wearers.

Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and dermatologist-recommended, Cabeau Tape was borne out of a concern from Cabeau Founder and CEO David Sternlight over consistent mask guidelines at the early stage of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

After comparing data from different scientific studies, Cabeau searched for a solution to improve filtration efficiency and to eradicate ‘common pain points’ that lead some people to reject masks as a protective tool.

The patent-pending Cabeau Tape uses medical-grade adhesive strips to seal gaps around the outside of the mask and is applied along either side of the nose bridge and up the sides of the mask.


The idea is this will increase mask efficiency by blocking inhalation/exhalation routes while providing the least resistance to airflow.

Optimal filtration is achieved by sealing the tape to the face (without facial hair) along the mask edges.

Cabeau Tape has already proved to be a hit in the domestic market where it is used by medical personnel, food service professionals, hospitality staff, hair stylists and others wearing face masks for extended periods of time.

The product can be re-applied up to twice after initial application, permitting the user to remove and replace their mask as required.


“Too often I saw masks that slid down under the nose, exposing the wearer to infection,” said Sternlight. “This leads to even greater contamination when the person repeatedly touches the mask to readjust it, thereby compromising the filter.”

Harvard University-trained dermatologist Dr Deborah Goddard states: “Cabeau Tape is the best solution I have found to provide a secure seal around any face mask and ensure the highest level of protection. It is gentle enough for everyday use and an ideal solution for kids who have smaller faces and are prone to pulling off their masks.”

Video courtesy of Cabeau/Youtube.



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