‘Adapt & Survive’: Olivier Jager, CEO, Forwardkeys

By Charlotte Turner |

In the 42nd ‘Adapt & Survive’ video interview filmed by TRBusiness since the series was launched in March, Olivier Jager, CEO, Forwardkeys tells Charlotte Turner how agility has served the company well in recent months, as it has launched new products to better answer the demands of its customers.

“Entrepreneurs [like myself] always have to be a little worried…They also know that crises in general are moments when changes occur. At those times, you have to be on top of things; you have to be closer to your customer and you have to listen to what the market is saying.

“You have to adapt your products to the new situation and this is basically what we have been doing with speed, with ambition and with enthusiasm.

“As I said, I know that crisis is the time when you’ve got to make an extra effort to reinvent yourself. I think a lot of brands that [we work with] are very dynamic and I think they give us lessons in how to react and adjust to market conditions in a matter of days. Me and my team here are doing our best to try to match that pace.”

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    ‘Adapt & Survive’: Olivier Jager, CEO, Forwardkeys,

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