‘Adapt & Survive’ series: Gautom Menon, Wild Tiger Beverages

By Andrew Pentol |

Premium Indian drinks company Wild Tiger Beverages is to ‘spread its bets’ as it looks to recover from the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

In conversation with TRBusiness during the last edition of our Adapt & Survive Skype video series, Gautom Menon, Founder and CEO, Wild Tiger Beverages, says the India-based company is looking to diversify as much as possible.

Menon, who was speaking from his home in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) said: “From a business perspective, we are going to focus quite a lot on the duty paid market and the armed forces. With our brand attributes, the latter is a very interesting market, which we can tap into.”

He added: “We are also tweaking our labels to be multi-lingual and introducing an element of augmented reality. This is because in the future, consumers must be given something that is clear and concise so they can make quick decisions.”

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    ‘Adapt & Survive’ series: Gautom Menon, Wild Tiger Beverages,

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