Adapt & Survive: Manishi Sanwal, Voiceback Technologies

By Andrew Pentol |

Indian data analytics company Voiceback Technologies, led by former Flemingo Travel Retail CEO Manishi Sanwal, has emphasised the value of data analytics during and after the Covid-19 crisis in the latest edition of the TRBusiness Adapt & Survive Skype video series.

Sanwal, who left Flemingo Travel Retail in 2019 to pursue this new adventure, says the company uses modern day mathematics, science and computing power to solve complex business problems.

He commented explained: “Companies can use data analytics to find out which customers are excited about a promotion and which ones are not. Some customers might not be excited by promotions as they know what want to buy and will always purchase these products.

“Having this kind of data gives companies the possibility to customise promotions. They don’t have to offer the same promotion to everyone and can me more efficient in terms of catering to everyone’s needs.”

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    Adapt & Survive: Manishi Sanwal, Voiceback Technologies,

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