Talking TRMarketplace: Gustavo Valdor, Casa AGP

By Charlotte Turner |

Gustavo Valdor, International Commercial Director, Casa AGP tells TRBusiness that while no one has all ‘the answers’ to trading in a post-Covid world, TRMarketplace provides companies with a ‘perfect opportunity’ to meet and network in the absence of physical events.

“It’s a well-thought out plan from TRBusiness…I see it as a perfect opportunity to meet everyone, in a convention-style format, but digitally.

“In a post-Covid world no one has the answers, but I believe the travel retail channel will continue to be a place to introduce specialty brands and limited editions. In our case specifically, duty free plays a big role.

“We are a destination product, so it is extremely important for Zignum Mezcal, Señorita Mezcal and Recuerdo Mezcal to be out there in the duty free world.”

Valdor spoke of his concern for the lack of tasting and sampling opportunities in a post-Covid travel retail environment, which will make final sales conversions more challenging.

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    Talking TRMarketplace: Gustavo Valdor, Casa AGP,

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