Women in Travel Retail reveals Koma Karanth Foundation as 2023 charity

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Women in Travel RetailWomen in Travel Retail (WiTR) has announced that its charity of 2023 is the Koma Karanth Foundation.

The partnership was proposed by Tracy Ross, Project & Design Manager and Sustainability Champion of ARI Middle East (ARIME).

Founded by actor, producer, writer, humanitarian and stand-up comedian Maitreyi Karanth, the Koma Karanth Foundation’s mission is to build a Koma community in the impoverished municipality of Gloria, Oriental Mindoro (Philippines).

The project aims to provide homes, education, senior citizen community centres, medical support and support for single women as they strive for self-sufficiency.

WiTR’s fund-raising target is at least €15,000 (approximately US$16,153), which will cover the cost of building three homes for the community.

Raising funds for a new compound

To date the Koma Karanth Foundation has built 24 homes, a senior citizen community centre, and a tutoring centre for children.

It has also provided solar streetlights, and drilled water wells to supply a tribal community of 26 families.

The Koma Karanth Foundation was founded by actor, producer, writer, humanitarian and stand-up comedian Maitreyi Karanth (centre, in pink).

In addition, the Foundation has provided school transport and lunches for the children of these tribes. It has also constructed and equipped convenience stores for single mothers to own and earn from.

In 2024, the Foundation is aiming to build a self-sustained compound with 30 homes, including the three funded by WiTR. Each house will be named WiTR 1/2/3 in recognition of the funding provided.

Proposer Ross has known the Foundation’s founder for over 25 years, after meeting her in Bahrain.

“I’m delighted that WiTR has chosen to support the Koma Karanth Foundation this year,” she commented.

“Maitreyi is an amazing woman who has never forgotten the support she and her family received from Philippino women. She is now determined to give back and help wherever she can, and this project is extremely close to her heart.”

WiTR is aiming to raise enough funds to build three homes within a new self-sustained community.

“Many thanks to Tracy Ross for proposing the Koma Karanth Foundation as the next charity for WiTR to support,” added WiTR Chair Sarah Branquinho.

“It’s an incredibly worthwhile cause which we are more than happy to support. The aim will be to raise funds to cover the building of these much-needed homes through a number of  WiTR meetings throughout this year, culminating in our ‘main event’ at TFWA World Exhibition in October.

“We’ll also closely follow the project as it goes into action, reporting on progress at every stage.”

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