Guerlain launches skincare-focused Bee Beauty Secrets collection for eyes & lips

By Faye Bartle |

Guerlain Bee Beauty Secrets

Guerlain’s Bee Beauty Secrets campaign is fronted by Japanese-French model Mika Schneider.

French beauty house Guerlain has created Bee Beauty Secrets, a new range of skincare-focused products for lips and eyes infused with ingredients from the humble bumble bee.

The KissKiss Bee Glow Oil lip oil is formulated with 92% natural origin ingredients to tint and coat the lips with a long-lasting ‘high shine’.

The nourishing and plumping oil contains comforting Corsican honey, smoothing propolis, and hydrating and plumping royal jelly.

It also contains rose hip oil to protect the skin barrier and is infused with pigments plus a hint of eosin, which the company says reacts to the pH of the lips to ‘revive their natural colour’.

Light reflecting botanical oils help to seal in hydration.

KissKiss Bee Glow Oil comes in six ‘syrup inspired’ shades: Rose Glow, a delicate pink; Polly Glow, a poppy red; Lavender Glow, a radiant plum; Peach Glow, a fruity coral; Pop Rose Glow, a vibrant pink; and Honey glow, a natural rosy beige.

The lip oils are designed to used alone for a subtle tint, or with paired with the KissKiss Bee Glow tinted caring balm.

For maximum shelf appeal, the oils come in a compact, transparent case with a golden cap engraved with a bee.

Guerlain Bee Beauty Secrets

KissKiss Bee Glow Oil comes in six ‘syrup inspired’ shades.

Guerlain’s bee inspired beauty creations also extend to the lashes with the launch of the Noir G Bee Primer.

The lash-plumping serum is designed to strengthen and curl the lashes with beeswax, åland honey and botanical squalane.

It can be paired with the Noir G mascara, or used on its own at bedtime as an overnight lash mask.

Shoppers can also discover the Noir G Graphic Liner, which contains natural-original charcoal and has an ultra-precise felt tip for creating ‘intensely black matte’ graphic lines.

Brows are covered with the Brow G high precision eyebrow pencil in a choice of five shades, from a golden blonde to black with natural accents.

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